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Aloha And Comeback Deluxe Box Set Budget Re-issues

August 05, 2008 | Video
The "'68 Comeback Special" and "Aloha From Hawaii" Deluxe Editions from a few years back have been re-issued in a budget edition. BMG kept the booklets but the discs come is standard DVD boxes.
JLpResLey wrote on August 05, 2008
What´s the point? It´s not that I don´t like the shows, cause I do. But it has been issued before and everyone has seen it. I hope I´m not right, but I have a fear that budget issues of these shows will be as common as budget albums of the fifties material. It´s amazing , if you compare with his records, it´s not too many shows released. Aloha, TTWII, 68, Ed sullivan shows.. I´m sure I´ve missed something, but don´t you think there should be more?
Greg Nolan wrote on August 05, 2008
Why does there have to be a "point" in keeping two of Elvis most popular TV achievements in print for casual buyers? Presumably all of us have the booklets: this is a cheap way to keep two stellar sets affordable for the masses. Much like when RCA /Sony/BMG reissues his original albums, people seem to forget that his music belongs in stores...while such stores still exist!
Steve V wrote on August 05, 2008
Im starting to see more CDs & DVDs in supermarkets than anywhere else. I guess its ok if folks see these and buy them there. In the US, there arent many places to buy cd & dvds unless you live by a Walmart which I dont being so close to New York City! Times have certainly changed. When the deluxe boxes came out Tower was still around along with local CD/DVD shops. All are gone now.
JerryNodak wrote on August 05, 2008
I have no problem with these releases. It keeps them in print at an afordable price for the masses which is a good thing. Heck, I wish I'd have known they were going to do this several years ago. I would have bought these now and saved myself some money. I can never read the booklets anyway. Yes, we the dedicated fan base already have these, but hopefully there are new fans discovering Elvis everyday. These releases are aimed primarily at them as well as the casual buyer who doesn't have this material.
sitdown68 wrote on August 05, 2008
well, sooner or later the dressing rehearsal sessions to the 68 special might make it into the walmart stores...10, 15 years back they did the budget thing here in Switzerland with old broadcasts of Nat King Cole and other jazz artists...at an equivalent of US $ 7. Or what ya think?
Jerome returns wrote on August 05, 2008
personally I got these by buying a bag of chips at K-Mart..
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on August 06, 2008
And for my next magic trick watch me pull your money out of your wallet without even trying just say the Magic word ELVIS and poof we take your money.