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New Import Label And Releases Announced

July 30, 2008 | Music
Announced for release from the new import label "Surprise Records" late August of early September 2008 is a new CD featuring 24 recordings from the "Joan Deary Tapes".

The press-release:

Surprise Records proudly presents a new CD full with great Elvis songs taken directly from the Joan Deary Tapes! 24 great Elvis tracks with a total playing time over 77 minutes - in stunning never-before heard sound quality.

The late Joan Deary (Elvis' RCA record producer) worked on these tracks for a possible future release on the "Greatest Hits" series, but after Volume 1 was released back then in 1981(?) a Volume 2 never followed. So these professionally remixed tapes were put into the archives. For years a CD-R was circulating with these great tracks, but now for the first time they will be made available on a professional silver pressed disc!

This CD comes along with a beautiful full color booklet containing all necessary information about every track along with great pictures of Elvis. Also the lyrics to each song will be included - exactly transcribed word for word as Elvis did sing them!


01. Hey Jude 02. Help Me Make It Through The Night 03. Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Trade) 04. I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen 05. When I’m Over You 06. Always On My Mind 07. It Ain’t No Big Thing (But It’s Growing) 08. I’m Leavin’ 09. Where Do I Go From Here 10. Until It’s Time For You To Go 11. If I Were You 12. Got My Mojo Working / Keep Your Hands Off Of It 13. Fool 14. This Is Our Dance 15. Cindy, Cindy 16. Separate Ways 17. (That’s What You Get) For Lovin’ Me 18. Life 19. Love Letters 20. I’ll Never Know 21. We Can Make The Morning 22. Early Morning Rain 23. Sylvia 24. The Sound Of Your Cry
Surprise Records will also include a special bonus feature … Look out for this great release that will be the first in a series of great future releases …
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elvistruth wrote on July 30, 2008
Absolutely Amazing. Great. The best news for years!
Harvey Alexander wrote on July 30, 2008
Dear elvistruth, could I sell you this little bridge I own in Brooklyn?
elvistruth wrote on July 30, 2008
This release will be the first of many new gems. Our best tribute to the greatest: Mrs Joan Deary. The seminal RCA executive and her legendary tapes. Convinced will be the best sound of any ELVIS recording in 54 years. Maybe it's time for release sacd at Sony too!!!!!!!!!!!
GeertFromNl wrote on July 30, 2008
Harvey,i guess elvistruth was sarcastic. He exactly knows that this is c - r - a - p :)
dannyboy1 wrote on July 31, 2008
So what is it the angels are wanting to trade?
elvistruth wrote on July 31, 2008
This is not a joke. This is the release are waiting for many years. After buy thousands of cds of ELVIS and other musicians, I know for sure the sound quality that we can obtain from the REAL original analogue tapes and our beloved Elvis is not exception. At last we'll know. A little step to the nirvana. Thank-you "Surprise Records".
BigVern wrote on July 31, 2008
"For years a CD-R was circulating with these great tracks, but now for the first time they will be made available on a professional silver pressed disc! " Now, what producers simply take existing LP's / CD's & transfers them onto silver pressed discs? Cha-ching.
Jerome returns wrote on July 31, 2008
I prefer the great Tiger Man and Legendary Performer series..
BigVern wrote on July 31, 2008
elvistruth wrote on July 31, 2008
Friends, quality sound is the real need for Presley world. How understand that any old or new singer sounds many times better than Elvis? It's time for let Elvis at the top of the Hifi world. I have the very latest Nat King Cole Capitol reissues and the sound is one billion of times better that Elvis FTD. And that's only a little eixample. So let's do something for change. My hifi system cost many thousand dollars and is a pity how sounds Elvis comparated to Cole, Sinatra, Stones, and many many others. And the Super Audio CD completely ignored for Elvis by... SONY!!! What happen with master tapes. They really exist or are on private hands? The Elvis sound is dull in comparation. One friend of mine puts a few days ago an old Cliff Richard box (years 1958-1963) edited in the 90's and the sound was miles ahead better that Elvis 50's music releases of today!!!!! It's a tragedy for Elvis. So let's keep on helping any label or the same Sony for rediscover the real voice and music of Elvis. And that's no only with a 40.000 dollar hifi system as mine. Another friend with a little sound system many many times worst also notes the same. It´s a tragedy. So it's time to change!!!!
Lex wrote on July 31, 2008
I miss Milkcow Blues Boogie in the track list, I'm afraid it's not for the millionth and the last time. And elvistruth, we simply don't get it in better quality because the original recordings were pretty poor compared to those recorded by other companies. We Elvis fans have been fools through the years by accepting it and buying it anyway... For that same reason Elvis lost interest in what he was recording...
Steve V wrote on July 31, 2008
I'm amazed elvistruth actually has other artists cds in his collection! Any album that leads off with Elvis' version of Hey Jude is one to avoid.
elvistruth wrote on July 31, 2008
It's very likely that you're completely right, Lex. It's a pity but it's true. RCA was rather poor recording Elvis, and Elvis without saying the last word. It's a historical music tragedy.