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68 At 40 Retrospective Released

July 28, 2008 | Book

The latest book from JAT Publishing, "68 At 40 Retrospective" is out.  ElvisMatters did a short review and added this preview on-line.

From ElvisMatters site:

This one is already a winner. Tunzi releases one of his best books until now. The mix of pictures, text and documents is perfect. The text is written by director/producer Steve Binder. The book is setup as a diary, beginning with the very first negotiations and ending with looking back at the whole production. Binder documents his memories with lots of archive material. We’ll see his own handwritten notes from behind the control panel and we can read the first scenario’s, where the title ‘If I Can Dream’ was still blank and filled in with ‘Big Ballad’.

The pictures are page filling and from a never before seen quality. As if the book is not worth its money by itself, there is a picture of Steve and Elvis that was not published in the book. No ordinary postcard, but a full glossy signed 23x21cm photo.

If all releases are going to be on this level, we fans are going to be spoiled!


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Steve V wrote on July 29, 2008
This looks like a winner. Too bad its so expensive.