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Elvis Pool And Snooker Tables

July 22, 2008 | Other
The British Lordsvale factory, producers of all kinds of amusement games, has just obtained the rights from EPE to manufacture Elvis themed pool tables. There will be a snooker table, UK model and a pool table, USA model. When and for how much these tables will become available is not known at this moment.
Jerome returns wrote on July 22, 2008
this would look great in my home and would certainly show my exclusive taste..
You Dont Know Me wrote on July 22, 2008
That doesn't look to bad and after all Elvis DID play pool and has his own table at Graceland. Too see Ronnie O' Sullivan play on an Elvis Snooker Table would be fantastic Elvis publicity so I say 'BRING IT ON!'.
Kenneth wrote on July 23, 2008
will someone please tell me the difference between a u.k. model and a u. s. a. model, i have never seen a u.k. one. the one in the picture i would love to own.
RJ wrote on July 23, 2008
I'm affraid I think this is actually pretty cool.
circleG wrote on July 23, 2008
No No No ... and yet I find I want one, strangely enough.
Harvey Alexander wrote on July 23, 2008
Holy Mother of God.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on July 23, 2008
vinny wrote on July 24, 2008
does the delux model play tunes when you pot a ball ?