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Elvis, Linda And Me DVD

July 24, 2008 | Video
Jeanne LeMay is working on a video entitled "Elvis, Linda And Me". Jeanne LeMay was filmed for thisw DVD during her recent appearance in the UK, this DVD should also contain unreleased footage of Elvis from August 1974 from 16mm reels.

Through her close friendship with Linda Thompson, Jeanne was able to tour with Elvis, see him perform in Vegas and work at Graceland as a secretary.
Harvey Alexander wrote on July 24, 2008
Look out for my new DVD soon. It'll be called 'The Elvis I Never Met' and will include photos of me not meeting Elvis. It will also not feature some original unseen footage of The King on stage in Lake Tahoe in 1971. This footage is silent but with great sound. All black and white photographs are in full colour and there's a letter of authenticity from Dick Grob which proves I never met Elvis. The soundtrack will be remixed so it will appeal to the under 12s.
Sean Ryan wrote on July 24, 2008
Harvey, I dont understand your sarcastic comments. This is an Essential DVD to get from a great lady who has some great stories to share with the fans plus it has never-before-seen footage from Jeanne's own collection.
Andrew Hearn wrote on July 24, 2008
Harvey's rather disappointing reaction has confirmed my suspicion that Jeanne's forthcoming DVD will not appeal to the more uneducated fan. I have been involved with this project and have worked with Jeanne on its production this past weekend here in the UK. What Harvey doesn't realise is that Jeanne was around Elvis a great deal during the time he and Linda dated and she has a great deal of wonderful memories of her time on the road, in Vegas and at Graceland. She simply wants to share her stories with us fans. Harvey seems unaware that Elvis enjoyed Jeanne being around. She was, and still is, an extremely interesting person and her appeal certainly came across in what has been captured on film for her DVD. As for the totally unreleased footage... I have witnessed this incredible film and I'm certain "most" fans will be thrilled to see it. I've always maintained that even if Elvis himself made an appearance in 2008, people like Harvey would tear him apart.
Sean Ryan wrote on July 24, 2008
Hi Andrew, Thanks for the event last Saturday and it was great meeting Jeanne again.There are many fans who will get the DVD im sure.
Dixieland Rock wrote on July 24, 2008
I'm looking forward to this DVD release. It's good news indeed. The unreleased footage from 1974 sounds very interesting & I look forward to seeing that. When will this DVD be made available for purchase?
Ronaldv wrote on July 25, 2008
Well said, Andrew hearn! I totally agree. This must be a great release. Last week I bought the book Elvis, Linda & me and it's totally stunning! Absolutely great and rare pics! Grab it if you can.
Harvey Alexander wrote on July 25, 2008
I apologise. I just thought it was another cheapo cash-in. so I'll be buying this DVD.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 25, 2008
Harvey you need to buy 2 to be completely forgiven! lol
Hawaii 5-0 wrote on July 25, 2008
I was fortunate enough to be at the EEUK event and found Jeanne to be an exceptionally warm and interesting lady. The stories she told were fascinating, so the DVD will certainly be a great purchase! And August 74 footage too, great stuff. Well done Andy and the EEUK team for putting on yet another exceptional event.
benny scott wrote on July 25, 2008
Seems to me a DVD worthwhile the purchase. As Jeanne was a close friend of Linda I trust the release. To me Linda was and is still a great lady. She , without any doubt, loved Elvis dearly.She didn't have a relationship with the only goal " wealth, money and presents", like some others. As for you Harvey Alexander : i do not always like your sarcasm, but it honours you to have the guts and courage to declare openly " I apologise" !!! My respect for you ! Always El.
BigVern wrote on July 25, 2008
No disrespect intended, but if 'she simply wants to share her stories with us fans' why not just post this material on youtube?
Andrew Hearn wrote on July 25, 2008
All two hours of it? I'm sure fans would rather enjoy a professionally filmed and edited DVD to enjoy. Obviously, the production costs are high. Ever tried hiring a team of film makers and their equipment? Also, the resoration process (of the Elvis footage) and editing is expensive too. No matter how you look at it, if you want a decent product, it'll involve some high costs to produce it. There's a big difference between a worthwhile product for your collection and a few blurry, surpressed clips on youtube. You can always call me on the phone and I'll tell you a few of Jeanne's stories - not quite the same eh?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 25, 2008
You asked why not just post it for free? surely your joking,by the way im a friendly warm person,anyone want to hear me talk about Elvis,i once talked with charlie hodge,if you like this kind of dvd then its cool,but why are we so serios that you cant make a joke,i have nothing against linda or her friend!
BigVern wrote on July 25, 2008
Don't call me Shirley.