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Elvis Gospel Hymn

July 24, 2008 | Music
Paul Dowling manages to turn up deleted CDs from the Chinese mainland; his latest find is the promotional CD "Elvis Gospel Hymn".
The story behind this CD: In 2001 BMG China pressed a limited copies of a promotional sampler CD to promote Elvis' gospel catalogue. Due to unknown and unforseen circumstances the whole distribution project was abandoned. His contact in China was lucky to find five copies of this forgotten "supposed to be destroyed" CD. The tracklisting should be available soon.
Source:World Wide Elvis
Greg Nolan wrote on July 25, 2008
These releases that have trickled out of China in the last few years have been pretty neat for those who like off-beat or rare covers or the odd assemble of alternate tracks and in one case a bunch of remixes. And what a nice looking cover...! Not for most people but collectors of the obscure will want to track this down. I might, too.
Harvey Alexander wrote on July 25, 2008
Great cover pic!