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Cover Fit For A King - Corrected

July 25, 2008 | Video
This is the cover of the "Fit For A King" documentary DVD on B&K Enterprises. This DVD, due for release August 2008, tells the story behind the company that makes replicas of Elvis' suits.
The documentary features the late Bill Belew, Elvis Presley’s personal designer, and Gene Doucette, who later designed some of the most famous and recognizable stage outfits for Elvis, until his death in 1977. It should also contain rare video footage and archival photographs of Elvis wearing his amazing outfits, “Fit for a King” also showcases the risk-taking costume styling and imagery that was part of Presley’s power as a Rock and Roll Icon.

Update July 25, 2008, correction cover art:

The black cover appeared to be a mock-up for display, the blue cover is the definitive cover art .
Narek wrote on July 25, 2008
Bad bad cover
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 25, 2008
Bad Bad Bad dvd,anything but about his music,and the beat go on!
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on July 25, 2008
i will get this one looks great. awesome artwork and not bad bad at all; it's all about Elvis, don't agree with both of you. if u don't like it, leave it then
Steve V wrote on July 26, 2008
Surprised Mature? I agree - its the image again. Oh yeah he was a pretty good singer too. Some fans will buy a book about Elvis' bathroom habits if it was publsihed!