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July FTDs Delayed Until August

July 12, 2008 | Music
Roger Semon, with Ernst Jorgensen the man behind the FTD Records label, just sent out the following mail:

"Due to the larger than expected orders for the 3 new FTD releases, our manufacturer will be unable to deliver the complete finish stock to the warehouse until July 28.
This means that the orders will ship on August 1st. Apologies for the delay but thanks for the orders!

Best wishes,
Roger Semon, FTDR Ltd."

The new releases are "Elvis Sings Memphis Tennessee" (originally "The Lost Album") and "Love Letters From Elvis" in the Classic Albums re-issue series and a soundboard concert release from April 22, 1976. All CDs are available for pre-order from ElvisMatters.

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FJE wrote on July 13, 2008
I suppose I can live with that. After all, 1 month delay is nothing compared to the 35 odd years delay in having "Elvis On Tour" on DVD!
whetherman wrote on July 13, 2008
Well I think thats the first time they've used that excuse, I mean reason, for being late. If its true then its really good news that these are attracting such interest and am happy to wait another week or two.
sitdown68 wrote on July 13, 2008
well, whetherman, do you beleive they would lie at diehard fans? in juridical terms: en duda pro reo. so I would say, that's great news and shows to everyone how highly requested their products are...
BigVern wrote on July 13, 2008
Oh well, never mind.
emjel wrote on July 14, 2008
Hey EJF - On Tour delay - don't you mean 10 years?