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68 At 40 Press Release

July 08, 2008 | Book
A press-release was issued on the upcoming JAT Publishing book "'68 At 40" by Steve Binder.
The press-release:

"This will be the definitive book on the making of the 1968 ELVIS PRESLEY television special."

JAT publishing is proud to present their latest book, ‘68 at 40, the definitive story on the making of the 1968 Elvis Presley TV Special, written by its director and producer Steve Binder.

At more than 125 pages, ‘68 at 40 will feature approximately 100 never before seen photos from the private collection of Timothy Mulrenan and Robert Brower along with rare documents and artifacts from Binder's personal collection.

With its informative text and magnificent photo selection and reproduction, '68 at 40 captures in great detail the essence and magic of ELVIS.

‘68 at 40 is due out on August 6th and will be limited to 1968 hard-cover copies and will include an 8"x 10" photo not used in the book and signed by Binder.

With of the 40th Anniversary of the 1968 special approaching, Binder felt it was time to pen his own book, having read so much on the special that didn't feel right with its director. And when it came time to find a publisher, JAT was Binder's only choice.

Steve explained, "Knowing Joe Tunzi personally and his JAT publishing company makes me very comfortable that I'm in good hands. I have found Joe to be a man of integrity and passion in keeping the Elvis legend alive."

Publisher Joe Tunzi offered these comments, "Being able to publish a book by Steve Binder about the legendary 1968 ELVIS T.V. Special was a dream come true."

Tunzi continued, "This is guaranteed to be one of the greatest books in our vast catalog. Steve is without question brilliant in every sense of the word and one of the most talented and creative minds I ever had the good fortune to work with. Not to mention a true gentleman."

Binder will kick-off the promotional tour for the book with a special appearance in Memphis during Elvis Week 2008.
Source:JAT Publishing
Steve V wrote on July 08, 2008
I bet this book will be very nice and one of the few Tunzi books worth owning , especially with Steve Binder involved (the man may have saved Elvis' career!) . Pity it will cost you 89.00 with postage!
Jerome returns wrote on July 08, 2008
can anyone lend me 89 dollars?..
Harvey Alexander wrote on July 08, 2008
But surely this book is already sold out? All of Tunzi's books are sold out before they appear. Isn't that right?
Linda Kovalcik wrote on July 09, 2008
It's too expensive. I won't pay $90 for it.
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on July 09, 2008
Too much for me! I can't afford to pay $90 for this.
Greg Nolan wrote on July 10, 2008
Harvey's right: what's up with these stingy print runs ...? A transparent attempt to drive up the cost and create an instant "collector's item"? I"m sure it's neat and I have some Tunzi materials but one has to think he's all about pumping up the price. Many of us would love to have this and his other releases but these prices start to add up, when you factor in FTD releases (mandatory for many of us) and the continued high-quality releases from the likes of Madison, Audionics, Southern Comfort, et al. Sorry, Toonze, but come down to earth. Your fellow fans are not cash cows, believe it or not.
BigVern wrote on July 11, 2008
After speaking to a couple of dealers I suspect you will be able to pick this book up for a few months to come. No need to rush (August is an expensive enough month for a fair few fans as it is).