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The Official EP Fan Club Magazine Summer Edition

July 05, 2008 | Other
The August / September edition of the The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club magazine is out again. The members of the fan club filled the 50 pages in this volume with various articles and pictures. The first article is on Joe Esposito. the fan clubs special guest for their January 2009 event. Also fun to read are stories of people who managed to meet The King and reviews by fellow fans. Besides singing Elvis actually did a lot of fighting too in his movies, a pretty complete overview closes this magazine.

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Source:Magazines: OEPFC Magazine

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FJE wrote on July 05, 2008
Just received my copy this morning. Not the best Elvis Magazine around, to be sure. But I've been a member of this Fan Club for over 40 years and I sure ain't gonna quit now! Elvis Fans' loyalty knows no bounds!
fordy wrote on July 06, 2008
This mag has a long way to go before i'd ever recommend it to anyone. After providing uncomplementary comments about this mag many times in the past I must say that credit where credits due with this one - good to see a couple of rare pictures, and great to see the club bringing Joe Esposito over in January. Other than that there's still along way to go with this mag, which is sad to see as this is one of the longest running clubs around.