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Sunday Chart Update

June 29, 2008 | Video
In Australia "The King Of Rock And Roll" DVD climbs from #11 to #8 on the Music DVD chart while the "Aloha Special" DVD climbs from #23 to #17. "Elvis Lives" is the only Elvis DVD dropping on that chart; from #25 to #26.

The "Hitstory" 3 CD compilation remains just inside the UK Top 75 Album Chart at #74.
Source:Aria Australian Charts

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Brian Quinn wrote on June 30, 2008
'Hitstory' remains just inside the UK Top 75 Album Chart at No.74.
jean michel wrote on June 30, 2008
To Brian Quinn: hello ! If i am not mistaken , the current chart presence of the "History" set adds up 7 more weeks to the total of weeks spent by Elvis in the UK album chart . How far is he now to the current leader who, I beleive , is still the group Queen (?)? + Is there an explaination for the set to be back in the UK album chart (as far as I remember, it did chart when it first came out; didn't it ?)? New tv promotion? Very low price offered in outlets such as HMV, Virgin? Thank you !
Brian Quinn wrote on June 30, 2008
To Jean Michel, Actually, the re-release of 'Hitstory' entered the UK Album Charts on 25th May, 2008 and as of this week it is No.74 which makes an extra 6 weeks to the original chart total. Elvis is currently No.2 in the weekly album points total but Queen are now a long way ahead due to their Greatest Hits Compilations. Last time I did the calculations they were about 40 weeks ahead of Elvis. The 'Hitstory' album has re-entered the UK Album Charts due to the selling price which at most outlets is under £5 - excellent value. The original release stayed in the UK Album Charts for 9 weeks.
Brian Quinn wrote on June 30, 2008
To Jean Michel, An amendation to my last posting. The original release of 'Hitstory' remained in the UK Charts for 7 weeks and not 9. It earned a GOLD record and sold some 161,000 copies.
jean michel wrote on June 30, 2008
To Brian : thanks a lot for your complete & informative answer !
John4126 wrote on July 01, 2008
Not only informative and complete but also the birth of a new word - 'Amendation'. Love it and will be using it at the meeting i will be chairing in the morning!!! Seriously, if this 3 cd set is retailing at under £5, then why is FTD so pricy in comparison?
Harvey Alexander wrote on July 02, 2008
Don't compare regular Sony/BMG product with FTD releases. FTD have to pay a royalty to Sony/BMG and it's a BIG royalty. Plus FTD releases don't appeal to the public like the 'hits' sets do, so you can't expect FTD product to sell for the same price as a 'greatest hits' album. Sales of FTD releases are falling because so many muppets are downloading them for free off the internet. They probably think they're clever, but will they be laughing when FTD goes under because of lack of support?