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Fit For A King

July 02, 2008 | Video

The DVD "Fit For A King" - the story behind B&K Enterprises, the company that made Elvis jumpsuits - was due for release last year but a number of delays prevented that, the DVD is now due for release this year.

From the pressrelease:

Plenty has happened in the last year. We lost Bill Belew and Todd Morgan. Todd was incredibly helpful with this documentary and his interview segments are wonderful. We also had the pleasure of doing several interviews with Bill at his home in Palm Springs. These turned out to be the last interviews that Bill ever gave.

One of the good things about releasing the documentary now instead of last year, is that it gave us time to produce some amazing bonus footage. So on one DVD, you not only get the documentary, which is approx 75min., but also some 'special feature' footage which is almost 65mins.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our documentary – As out press release stated “Fit for a King” tells the story of B&K Enterprises, a unique costume company famous for their extraordinary recreations of the stage-wear and personal wardrobe made famous by the late King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. It is also the story of childhood sweethearts who followed their dreams from Indiana to Graceland and around the globe.

“Fit for a King” also showcases the close personal relationships B&K Enterprises shares with designer Bill Belew, Presley’s personal designer, and Gene Doucette, who later designed some of the most famous and recognizable stage outfits for Elvis, until his death in 1977.

Containing rare video footage and archival photographs of Elvis wearing his amazing outfits, “Fit for a King” also showcases the risk-taking costume styling and imagery that was part of Presley’s power as a Rock and Roll Icon.

Some chapter details:

The Ali Robe

Behind the scenes story of the spectacular robe Elvis gave to boxing great Muhammad Ali, with new footage of Muhammad, at The Ali Center in Louisville Kentucky. Ali's former boxing trainer Angelo Dundee talks for first time, about meeting Elvis, and giving the robe to Muhammad.

Bush Rush

The story behind George Bush, and the Prime Minister of Japan’s visit to Graceland. A lot of people don’t know that Elvis Presley Enterprises asked B&K Enterprises to make up two Aloha replica capes and Belts to give to the two Leaders. Normally it would take around 80 man hours to complete these items. Well, they got the call about a week before the visit, and they had to scramble, to say the least, to get the capes and Belts to Graceland in time.

Becoming Elvis

A secion on tribute artists, apparently even people who don’t like the tribute artist will enjoy this part of the story according to the pressrelease.

Bill Belew

Bill talks about the 'early' jumpsuits and how they evolved. Gene Doucette also talks about his involvement with those "simple outfits".

Other segments include complete access to the new Jumpsuit display, and we were allowed to film inside Graceland. – We have great untold stories behind the suits. Rare Sketches of Jumpsuits that were never made! We have great interviews with George Klein, one of Elvis best friends.

We also talk about the many movies that B&K has made costumes for. And of course there is lots of Elvis! Remember, this is the first time Bill Belew and Gene Doucette have gone into this much detail about their years with Elvis, so this is truly a unique documentary, with wonderful stories.

As we say on the poster, it’s truly a story about "Fame, Fashion and Friendship".

Source:EP Gold