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Elvis - Viva Las Vegas Wal-Mart Exclusive

July 03, 2008 | Video

Due for release - exclusively - from Wal-Mart is the DVD release of the "Viva Las Vegas" TV Show from last year. This DVD - standard and blu-ray - should be available August 8, 2008.


Peace in the Valley - Faith Hill
Heartbreak Hotel - Paul McCartney
Jailhouse Rock - Miranda Lambert
Love Me Tender - Chris Isaak & Brandi Carlile
Don't Be Cruel - Chris Isaak & Brandi Carlile
In the Ghetto - Three Six Mafia
Daughtry - "Suspicious Minds"
Mystery Train - Toby Keith with Joe Perry
Love Me - The Little Willies featuring Lee Alexander, James Campilongo, Norah Jones, Richard Julian, and Dan Rieser
Looking for Elvis - Patti Sciafia with Nils Lofgren, Steve Jordan, Willie Weeks, and Bruce Springsteen
Can't Help Falling In Love - Celine Dion

Bonus Footage:

Always On My Mind - Willie Nelson, Jon Bon Jovi & Ritchie Sambora

And Interviews with:

50 Cent, Beyonce, Brandi Carlile, Chris Daughtry, Joe Esposito, Faith Hill, Chris Isaak, Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson, Tom Jones, Toby Keith, Joe Perry, George Klein, Miranda Lambert, David Lynch, Willie Nelson, Priscilla Presley, Jerry Schilling, Patti Scialfa, Nancy Sinatra, Rob Tomas and Three 6 Mafia.

On September 18th, ABC aired one of the most successful Elvis documentaries ever produced. "Elvis Viva LAs Vegas" is the chronicle of Elvis' life during the Vegas years with the focus on his music, his ground-breaking style and his legacy. As Elvis paved the way for today's performers in Las Vegas the documentary also featured stellar performances by some of today's biggest stars doing their unique interpretations of the Elvis' songs that had the most influence on them.

Jerome returns wrote on July 03, 2008
Interviews with 50CT?!!..
Jyroflux wrote on July 03, 2008
I'll pass.
Mielvis wrote on July 03, 2008
Elvis On Tour would be a better dvd to release
andrew1 wrote on July 03, 2008
"One of the most successful Elvis documentaries ever produced"?!?! Who are they fooling?
FLASHBOY wrote on July 04, 2008
When i watched this month ago a was truly disappointed i din't like it at all exept maybe the love me version by Norah Jones. Iam not buying this that's for sure. Céline Dion is maybe a big Star but her performances of Can't help falling in Love is just awful she completely kill the song. In her head the more you scream the more your good but it don't work this way.
Steve V wrote on July 04, 2008
A big let-down. Norah Jones was the best. McCartney wasnt bad either. the rest? no good.
Lefty wrote on July 04, 2008
Elvis The Product is what a project like this is trying to create. Bully for all the performers that were influenced by Elvis! I'm happy for them. Do I want to invest my money in their cover songs and interviews? Certainly not.
circleG wrote on July 04, 2008
I would also like a deluxe DVD set of TTWII and Elvis on Tour instead. Thanks.
Pedro Nuno wrote on July 04, 2008
NO Elvis Music? No Thanks!
Harvey Alexander wrote on July 04, 2008
Hate to be negative, but this is more EPE-endorsed garbage. They love to let others do the work while they sit back and coin in a percentage. If only they'd get off their butts and realize the legacy they are sitting on and what they could do with it.
Viva wrote on July 05, 2008
It's good to hear how present day stars were influenced by Elvis, but what's wrong with showing Elvis himself playing the songs they were influenced by? And another thing: This set is called "Viva Las Vegas" but how many of those tracks up there can you in all honesty associate with Vegas? Can't help falling in Love, as a finale but the link ends there. I agree with Mr Alexander also. Yet another product with no "Real" Elvis. Bargain bucket fodder me-thinks.
elvislives72 wrote on July 05, 2008
Hello! Elvis`fans to earth. This dvd release is NOT aimed at the die hard life long bootleg buying fans. It's for a younger generation to hear their idols views on Elvis to entice them to want to know more about him, hence the reason that Beyonce, 50 cent, Faith Hill etc are apart of it. Outside of the performances, I thought it was very well done and touched on a lot of issues surrounding his glory days in Vegas. Stop complaining about every little thing and accept that Elvis isn't just for grandmas and grandpas anymore. Because of dvds like this, Elvis is gaining newer and younger fans along the way for years to come! Just look at all of the youngsters touring Graceland today as evidence of that. You better get ready because I can tell you right now that once Sillerman sees a newer and vibrant crowd coming and spending money that the older fans who use to come will be forgotten about. Like it or not, it's a business. That's why they're about to transform everything at Graceland into a more digital hi-tech interactive attraction. To attract a much larger crowd and younger visitors, mainly families who would usually choose Disney or Epcot for a resort location destination. That's where the "Graceland like Disney" comparisons came from.
Greg Nolan wrote on July 10, 2008
And here I thought we were in rare agreement... Elvislives22, sorry, buddy, I want to be open-minded, but this show was a huge disappointment last year, to the point of being hard to sit through. Why? So very little actual Elvis!! I happened to enjoy 2002's guest-star-laden TV-Special "ELVIS LIVES" (if you remember back that far , with us all being grandparents and all , me at the age of 39), but this one was PAINFUL to watch, to the point of even dragging down with it a classic Elvis movie, "VIVA LAS VEGAS." I'm not even against a spotlight on the Elvis-Vegas connection, which if anything, can be argued to be cooler than people realize, but this show looks like it was produced by a committee of some sort. I love having many different "angles" about Elvis and I guess I can try to enjoy this at that level, but it's almost as if they are afraid to show the man himself - as if it was a cost-cutting measure, even. I'm fine with tributes but always show the man himself-- he sells himself, even now in death. I didn't mind the recycled (but cool) footage of Paul McCartney (from another program, as I recall) and even enjoyed the "easy-on-the-eyes" Faith Hill. Something about Chris Issak, who I've liked in the past, wearing what he claims to be Elvis' 68 suit, is a bit annoying too. Here's hoping the DVD has more Elvis included. At this late date, this is at best not too harmful and will want fans to get some real Elvis. But still...! Maybe I was in a bad mood when I saw it but the initial responses here make the most sense.