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Elvis Favorite Dead Person Wanted Alive Again

June 22, 2008 | People
The King is dead - and has been for over thirty years. But in a UK Warner Home Video poll of over 2,000 people Elvis Presley was voted the person they would most like to bring back.

A whopping 23% of people polled voted for Elvis. When asked what they thought Elvis would be doing, six in ten said he would be a judge on Pop Idol.

# 1 Elvis Presley
# 2 Lady Diana
# 3 Marilyn Monroe
# 4 King Henry VIII
# 5 Bobby Moore
# 6 William Shakespeare
# 7 Freddy Mercury
# 8 Albert Einstein
# 9 Winston Churchill
# 10 Kurt Cobain
Jerome returns wrote on June 22, 2008
what? No Michael Bolton?..
My boy, my boy wrote on June 24, 2008
Elvis at #1 is quite understandable but who the hell is Bobby Moore ???...Since the poll is british I would have thought of John Lennon instead maybe...
efan4ever wrote on June 24, 2008
Dimebag Darrell should be in the two spot. Getcha Pull
CLAIR-TCE wrote on June 24, 2008
My Boy, My Boy - just to let you know Bobby Moore was the Captain of the England Football Club in 1966 when we won the World Cup! England fans still remember it very clearly! Personally, I would have preferred Lady Diana not to have appeared at all - I couldn't stand the woman. Of course, to see ELVIS at number one goes without saying!!!
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 24, 2008
Dear My Boy, My Boy - how dare you not know who Bobby Moore was! He was one of the greatest British footballers there has ever been. Could John Lennon have made that tackle against Pele in the 1970 World Cup? I don't think so...
Steve V wrote on June 24, 2008
Bobby Moore was no Babe Ruth
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 24, 2008
Babe Ruth was no George Best.
Steve V wrote on June 24, 2008
And neither one was no Joe Dimaggio.
marty wrote on June 24, 2008
The King is on top where he belong but still strange that John Lennon did not make the top 10! And to continue on the previous comments, George Best was the best...
John4126 wrote on June 24, 2008
Do England have a soccer team? Dont recall seeing them at the Euro 2008 soccer championships. Good to see Kurt Cobain there but King Henry viii?
My boy, my boy wrote on June 25, 2008
Take it easy Harvey, besides the fact that Bobby Moore is basically totally unknown here in North America, could he had teamed up with Sir Paul to make it as the best songwriter duet in the 20th century ?...I don't think so either...
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 25, 2008
The greatest songwriting duo of the 20th century was Leiber & Stoller, not Lemon and McQuinty.