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Christie's Auction Results

June 26, 2008 | Other

At Christie's Pop Culture auction at Rockefeller Center in New York several Elvis items were up for auction. Not everything was sold, and here are the results: A one sheet GI Blues movie poster went for $50 US Dollars. The white vest from Spinout took bids up to $3,200 but went unsold. A pair of gold pants with a Sy Devore/MGM tag with a COA from Vester Presley sold for $750 US Dollars. A black and white Lansky's of Memphis shirt with a COA from Charlie Hodge went for $800 US Dollars. A handwritten essay by Elvis had bids up to $3,200 US Dollars but went unsold. A brass Eagle head topped cane with a dagger owned by Elvis and given to Alan Fortas sold for $2,400. And the final item of the day was a black leather Harley Davidson jacket with EP stitched inside, and a diamond encrusted Shelby County Cheif Deputy Sheriff's Badge given to Mike McGregor. This jacket was right up front at the auction. And it sold for $28,000 US Dollars.

Source:Elvis Unlimited
Palle wrote on June 27, 2008
I wonder for how much "Elvis - What Happened?", a first edition from the US in august 1977 (don't know what printing though) book in 99.9% mint condition, would go for today?
Steve V wrote on June 27, 2008
Palle - those books are still common . Not worth much at all.