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A Litte Less Conversation Featured In New Disney Movie

June 28, 2008 | Video
Elvis' song "A Little Less Conversation" is featured in the new Disney movie "Bolt"; the first non-Pixar Disney animation produced since John Lasseter took over as Grand Poobah of Animation at the studio.

Bolt tells the story a dog who plays a heroic pup in a hit TV show and has some trouble recognising that he is in fact not possessed of extraordinary powers beyond the ability to lick his own nether regions. This becomes something of a hindrance when he is accidentally shipped from Hollywood to New York City. From there he has to make his way home with only the help of a manky old cat and an overweight hamster in a plastic ball. John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, Susie Essman and Mark Walton provide voices.
circleG wrote on June 28, 2008
I do love this track and its re-mix but isn't it starting to be a bit over used? Is it time for a new re-mix ... and I ain't talkin' Spanky !
RobIreland wrote on June 28, 2008
I agree circleG
Jerome returns wrote on June 28, 2008
I just made a remix of this one with my MagicMusicMaker 2000, anyone interested?..