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The Final Farewell Released

June 16, 2008 | Music
Released today is the 2CD set "The Final Farewell" featuring the complete June 26, 1977 show including the pre-program. According to the update "in even better sound than we had it before". It comes with a 20 page booklet and an extra DIN A3 poster.

Disc One

01 - Great Good Morning
02 - Street Corner Preacher
03 - Gone At Last
04 - Operator
05 - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
06 - Black Sunday
07 - If You Leave Me Now
08 - Get Away
09 - Introductions

Disc Two

01 - Also Sprach Zarathustra
02 - See See Rider
03 - I Got A Woman / Amen
04 - Love Me
05 - Fairytale
06 - You Gave Me A Mountain
07 - Jailhouse Rock
08 - O Sole Mio / It's Now Or Never
09 - Little Sister
10 - Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel
11 - Release Me
12 - I Can't Stop Loving You
13 - Bridge Over Troubled Water
14 - Band Introductions
15 - Early Mornin' Rain
16 - What'd I Say
17 - Johnny B. Goode
18 - Larry Londin Drum Solo
19 - Jerry Scheff Bass Solo
20 - Tony Brown Piano Solo
21 - I Really Don't Want To Know
22 - Bobby Ogdin Electric Clavinet Solo
23 - Joe Guercio Orchestra
24 - Hurt
25 - Hound Dog
26 - Introductions
marco31768 wrote on June 16, 2008
I hope that this show, someday, will be released by FTD as soundboard 'cause this recording does exists in RCA vaults... I own "The last show" 1993 CD and the sound is good but I guess that every Elvis' fans want a soundboard.
SnOwMan wrote on June 16, 2008
You're wrong. They don't have it on soundboard. RCA? What are you talking about? RCA doesn't exist since 1986! It's Sony/BMG now. "The Last Show" was issued in 1995,not in 1993. Anyway,the sound quality is much better on this new release plus it's more complete.
circleG wrote on June 16, 2008
i'll be getting this one then,
Jerome wrote on June 16, 2008
I already have it in much worser sound, without the complete pre-program, with just a one page booklet and without an A3poster, with a terrible cover, no liner notes, but what a very satisfied feeling that I don't spend my bloody money on every upgraded re-re-release combined with a poster that I would be to embarassed off to actually it on my toilet door..
SnOwMan wrote on June 17, 2008
Great. Then you can use the front-cover of "Adios" as a toilet paper.
Ton Bruins wrote on June 17, 2008
"In even better sound than we had it before" ??? Is that so ???
GeertFromNl wrote on June 17, 2008
I've listened to several audio samples and the improvement is amazing. "Adios" was already acceptable but the sound quality on this new CD-set is 10 times better! Plus the concert is 5 minutes longer.
Ton Bruins wrote on June 17, 2008
Where can I listen to those audio samples ?
GeertFromNl wrote on June 17, 2008
The 4 audio samples are freely available on the elvis-collectors site.
marco31768 wrote on June 17, 2008
For SnOwMan: this show was recorded from soundboard, according Joe Tunzi (see his book "Elvis sessions III" please).
SnOwMan wrote on June 18, 2008
Yes,it was recorded on soundboard (which is incomplete) but BMG don't have it. The owner is a rich private-collector who doesn't want to sell it. Most likely we'll never get it. This is the sad truth.
Ton Bruins wrote on June 18, 2008
Can't find the four samples, Geert...
GeertFromNl wrote on June 18, 2008
Elvis-collectors site/Messageboard/All Elvis section/The Final Farewell topic/page 4 (sample 1 posted by burroughs) and page 6 (samples 2,3,4 posted by Ciscoking).
Natha wrote on June 26, 2008
Today I listened (again) to this show. Again I sensed the intense power of ELVIS being on stage in front of the thrilled crowd creeping through my body and uplifting my mind! It did not matter what type of recording it was, just the mere sensation of it. Great. I wish many of you have the same experience today, while listening to it. It has been 32 years ago since his passing, so the sense of loss is not hurting that much anymore. Give it a whirl - even if you don't like this type of recording!
Natha wrote on June 26, 2008
Sorry 31 years of course.