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NBC 68 Comeback Special Vinyl Classics Re-issue

June 18, 2008 | Music
Due for re-release June 16, 2008 from BMG in their "Vinyl Classics" series is the re-issue of the NBC "'68 Comeback" special CD.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on June 18, 2008
Do us a favor, sell the BMG (Buy my Garbage) label to someone who may have an idea as to what to do with all this repeated garbage.
JerryNodak wrote on June 18, 2008
They'll do the same thing. The CD market is dying. It will soon be dead, or haven't you heard? Selling everything to Sony won't change a thing. You can bet they were already calling all the shots anyway.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on June 19, 2008
I know this Jerry its truly sad but elvis' music may this time really be as Dead as he is, because i see nothing that can save it. The original stuff still sells well and trying to find NICE condition material is hard for the New collectors, but CDs are just Sound effects that save our records. I see a lot of Stupid Fans thinking they are getting real Sun material on EBay, and are getting taken to the cleaners. So there is a market out there but really for original records, not CD. One thing I do know there is No Market for Priscilla's Plastic surgeon.
king35 wrote on June 19, 2008
Right you are Jerry, it's not only Elvis's music, it's everybody's. The Cd market is falling fast with online digital music uploads like iTunes, Amazon, and more people buying ipods etc. Nobody now a days wants a whole album, they just want certain song's. A friend of mine years back who once owned and opperated a music store once told me back in like 1992, "online shopping is whats going to be the next thing", and that's exactlly what's happening.
Greg Nolan wrote on June 19, 2008
Yes, Jerry is right: the download phenomenon is a total wipe-out for those of us who prefer records, CDs, and record "sections" and "departments" in stores and yes, "record stores." When my older brother is said to be thinking about buying an I-Pod, then I *know* this great hobby is in trouble! (Just when I was going to be sending him a bunch of CDs..!) I've found a lot of joy in this hobby but the MP-3 world does little of that. So if Sony/BMG in the final hour of the CD wants to reissue one of Elvis' classic albums (something most of us argued for anyway, that is, keeping in print original titles instead of making phony new ones: "Love, Elvis" etc.) then so be it. Incidentally, the original of this "Vinyl Classics" CD was either not issued in the US or at least extremely hard to find. While I like the "vinyl" nod, it's not the most attractive cover. Maybe it doesn't translate if it's not in person.
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 19, 2008
You can talk about downloads, iPods, MP3s etc. as much as you like, but I still listen to my vinyl now and again!
Steve V wrote on June 19, 2008
With the 2 religious titles recently , now this, I'd like to see all of Elvis' classic LPs re-issued on CD one last time before the last nail in the CD coffin is hammered in. Greg is right, we've all asked for the classic titles to be reissued for the general public (and us) to have one last shot at listening to how the LP was origianally issued. Not talking FTD classic series , but the original album. And please, no Clambake!
PRESYER wrote on June 20, 2008
That's it! You finally got to it! Elvis is dead! Vinyl is dead! VHS is dead! CD is dying! DVD will die too, I suppose! So what's gonna' be left? Always complaining, criticising, blaming? Yes! Are you really happier now? All of this for the supposedly modernism? Modernism does not exist at all! And I suppose Elvis great...?! fans and admirers and lovers will slowly but surely be quitting. After reading all those various and curious and complaining and many times disgusting comments, this most famous website will be closing and others too. One thing is sure : life goes on and on and on and is continously in movement, no matter what someone may say or think! That's it! Till we meet you again, Adios! That's what he used to say!
Mark S. wrote on June 20, 2008
PRESYER try to cut back on the caffeine, dude!