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A Legendary Performer Volume 14

June 19, 2008 | Music

Released in the "A Legendary Performer" import series from the Wolf Call label is volume 14. This volume contains 21 extended, undubbed and out-take recordings including the "Re: Version" by DJ Spankox of "Baby Let's Play House".

Tracklisting: I Can Help (Undubbed Version) - Fool (Extended Version) - Just Call Me Lonesome (Take 4) - (Such An) Easy Question (Extended Version) - A Little Bit Of Green (Extended Version) - Susan When She Tried (Spliced Take) - Such A Night (Extended Version) - T-R-O-U-B-L-E (Take 1) - The Fool (Take 1) - A World OF Our Own (Extended Version) - Crying In The Chapel (Spliced Take) - His Latest Flame (Take 14) - For The Millionth And The Last Time (Take 5) - Never Ending (Take 1) - You´ll Never Walk Alone (Take 2) - Where Do I Go From Here (Extended Version) - Shake That Tambourine (Spliced Take) - How The Web Was Woven (Take 1) - Fame And Fortune (Extended Take) - I´ll Take You Home Again Kathleen (Extended Version) - Baby Let´s Play House (Spankox Re)
theoldscudder wrote on June 19, 2008
Enterprising li'l varmits. Snicker.
dressingroomrehearsa wrote on June 20, 2008
when will those cd's appear for the millionth and the last time? according to a track on it...
Lex wrote on June 20, 2008
Thanks for the warning!
Ciscoking wrote on June 20, 2008
BigRedGG wrote on June 20, 2008
G-R-E-A-T ;-)
SnOwMan wrote on June 20, 2008
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on June 20, 2008
Stopped buying these years ago !
Steve V wrote on June 20, 2008
From the reactions posted, I wonder if this will even sell 10 copies. If not, maybe then they will cease.
BigRedGG wrote on June 21, 2008
I think 14 is a good number to quit on. Fingers crossed guys and gals.
jean michel wrote on June 21, 2008
Hello ! I think you are too harsh with this series . After all , not everybody , & I am refering to newer fans/collectors , owns the original "Theres is always me", "Fort Baxter" & "DAE" (to name the best...) series which are now hard, or impossible, to get. Of course , for those who grabbed the original CDs when they first came out , this "Legendary performer" series is redundant but put yourself in the shoes of the fans who discover those versions for the very first time ... If this series has reached its # 14 it is because the first 13 sold enough to yield yet another number ; otherwise , I a m quite sure it would have been stopped long ago! Moreover , this "L P" series has the "merit" to be released on pro CDs & not CD-Rs (as opposed to some deceivers making quick copies -& bucks- on cheap CD-Rs) : put the blame on the latter !!! After all , as it is for any other legit/boot releases , there is no obligation to buy them . You need the cd : it is here for you to buy ( now the "problem" is how to get it at a reasonable price //which seems to be a "slight" problem for our US friends , most of the boots being made in the old continent...// ) . You dont need/want it : nobody is putting a gun on your head to force you to buy it. Our man has left us 31 years ago . We should be happy we still have some much to chose from.
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 22, 2008
Strictly for the loons - i.e. collectors of remixes, jumpsuits, Orion records, rubber ducks and episodes of 'Dallas' with Priscilla in.
Jerome returns wrote on June 22, 2008
What's wrong with Orion? Don't you know that it's actually Elvis behind that mask?..
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 23, 2008
And there was me thinking it was Paul Lichter...
RobIreland wrote on June 24, 2008
First of all Harvy Alexandra ... Rediculous to include elvis remixes along with rubber ducks etc ! Second, jean michel talks sence, totaly agree with him. These cds are there if anyone wants them, if they dont then dont buy them. They are fun and whats wrong with that ? Not as if they are on the high street... althought compared with wots out there I think these would be a much better replacement.
PRESYER wrote on June 24, 2008
To Jean Michel : I 100% agree with you on this! You like it, buy it. You do not like it, so...
Steve V wrote on June 24, 2008
Forget the contents, for the cover alone I wouldnt want this sitting in my collection. He looks totally wasted.
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 25, 2008
Hey Rob, do they not teach people how to write properly in Ireland? Or spell? Or have a sense of humour? Seriously though, rubber ducks ARE on the same level as remixes. Both are aimed at the same audience after all. How many have you got?
Steven76 wrote on June 25, 2008
These Tracks Are From Mark The Mixer "Kings Court" It's Shame !
RobIreland wrote on June 25, 2008
Hey Harvey.. theres no call for your racist bitchy comments to people ! Its not a hand bag fight here its just an Elvis site so if its a cat fight you want I think you need a different kinda site altogether "dear". harvey you have no idea what your talking about, its obvious, thats why you moan and bitch like a little frustrated kid would haha, see i do have a sence of humour :) You obviously havent heard my remix of " If I can dream ( MLK mix )", dosent mention rubber ducks once jezzz some people ! This is a fun album and to say elvis looks wasted ! omg Steve , who are you Mr Clean haha ! reality check mate, it is Rock n Roll after all not Snow White ! I would buy this long before i would even think of buying another bloody Greatest Hits album ! Harvey, I hope the spelling didnt upset you too much this time, wouldent want any frustrated tears now haha !
Lex wrote on June 26, 2008
Ha Rob, good to see you're back. Your contributions make it very clear why there is a world for rubber ducks and remixes. I wonder how long we can enjoy your useless contributions.
mickeychristi wrote on June 27, 2008
RobIreland...And His Horrible remixs ! lol About Legendary Performer Is A C-R-A-P And mostly tracks are from kings court like say. Steven ! I Don't Understand How A Home Made Can Be In The News ! It's Not Serious !
RobIreland wrote on June 28, 2008
Haha, good to see you Lex. This site is lacking Love. Lex I dont see how your contribution relates to the subject matter ... infact it dosent ! At least I mentiond the cd in question... oh look, i did it again ! Dont you know your own rules Lex ? ... why all the hate man ? lol
Gan wrote on June 29, 2008
Thanks to Jean Michel; your opinion is absolutely supportive!!!
RobIreland wrote on June 29, 2008
i also agree with Jean michels points.
Steve V wrote on June 30, 2008
No true fan should ever buy a CD with Shake That Tamborine on it or other spliec takes. What wrong with you music loving fans?
Steve V wrote on June 30, 2008
Make that spliced takes!