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Inside Love Me Tender Due In July

June 12, 2008 | Book
Elvis Unlimited announced that their latest book project, "Inside Love Me Tender" is due for release July 1st. 2008. The book documents Elvis' first motion picture, pre-face is written by Ger Rijff and it comes with a DVD with rare footage, a vinyl radio promo, stills and more.
samcra wrote on June 13, 2008
When I first saw Elvis on the Dorsey Bros. show, I said who?, then WOW!!. The coolest guy I'd ever seen, and singing like no white man on earth. Then later came the movie 'Love Me Tender' what a disappointment. Elvis a sodbuster in a western setting wearing a flop hat. I couldn't believe that Hollywood would do that...still can't. The movie sucked. It made lot's of money, but had Elvis not been in it, it would have been a complete flop. ... nuff said.
Steve V wrote on June 13, 2008
Loving You should have been his first movie. Debra Paget was nice to look at but that's it. This movie had nothing to offer except how Elvis looked in 1956. He oozed cool even through the hokey songs & cowboy outfit. Wish it would have showed the 'real' 1956 Elvis like A Hard Days Night did for The Beatles.
SnOwMan wrote on June 13, 2008
These 'Inside' books are all great. Not surprising that Ger Rijff is involved in this project. I really enjoy his books,esp. the older ones.