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Controversial Film With Elvis Theme Gets Limited US Release

June 09, 2008 | Video
The controversioal film entitled 'Hound Dog", starring Dakota Fanning and Robin Wright Penn is finally getting a "limited" release in America on 18 July 2008.

Film Plot: In late 1950's rural Alabama, young Lewellen lives with her stern religious grandmother, Grammie, but spends most of her time with her much-adored, wild and rough Daddy in his falling down shack. Lewellen is deeply talented and finds comfort and safety, as well as a place to put her hurt and rage, in the music of Elvis Presley, even though Charles, the wise groundskeeper of the mansion down the road, tries to convince her that "there is more to fill out that emptiness with than just Elvis."

Lewellen and her closest friend, Buddy, are caught in a shed during a heavy rainstorm. During the storm Daddy is struck by lightning and the event leaves him incapacitated as an emotional and mental child. Grammie is convinced that Daddy was stricken down by God to punish Lewellen for her alleged sins with Buddy. Lewellen becomes Daddy's caretaker and their dysfunctional relationship becomes even more pronounced, Lewellen becoming the parent and Daddy the child.

Without any guidance, Lewellen begins to move into dangerous terrain. When Elvis Presley comes to town for a concert, Lewellen is desperate to go but has no money for a ticket. So, Buddy tricks Lewellen into dancing and singing like Elvis for Wooden's Boy in exchange for tickets he has to the concert. During the impersonation, Wooden's Boy attacks Lewellen and leaves her innocence behind. Lewellen's descent into the cycle of abuse and her own pursuit of self-destruction begins. It is only Charles who can see the spirit in Lewellen and save her soul. He teaches her to use music, "the Blues," to turn her tragedy into a gift.
Source:Elvis Information Network
Ruthie wrote on June 10, 2008
It's not a movie I would care to see but I don't understand why it's "limited" in the US. There have been & certainly will be worse movies with worse themes & extremely controversial. There have been movies & tv shows where Elvis music inspired someone or helped ease the conflicts/emotional pain in their lives. I swear we are so backwards at times!
Greg Nolan wrote on June 10, 2008
"Backwards"? How about having some standards? As I recall this controversy from last year when it got limited release, this "HOUND DOG" movie features the splendid scene of this young girl being *raped* to the tune of Elvis' original "Hound Dog" on the soundtrack. Nice. Did Sony/BMG license this? I'm hoping I've read the controversy wrong but this is not the sort of Elvis music/ film combination that we need. That this flick is relegated to the "art-house" film circuit is probably a good thing.
Mielvis wrote on June 11, 2008
The only way Hollywood writers can come up with some of these stupid ideas, has to be drugs!!!!
Ruthie wrote on June 16, 2008
Of course there are no "standards" with this type of movie. TV is getting just as bad. But I don't see where a girl being raped with Elvis music in the background is any worse than a person being stabbed to death while a rap tune plays in the background!