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Hits Of The Seventies

June 04, 2008 | Music
Released on the Sounds Cool import label is the original LP release "Hits Of The 70'". This release should be a real CD release which comes with a four pages booklet with pictures from the seventies, important dates in Elvis' life from the seventies and chart positions of all tracks on this CD. The CD, limited to 500 copies, contains eighteen tracks, both master and out-take recordings.


The Wonder Of You (Alt. live version from 18 february 1970 Dinner Show)
I´m Leavin´
Burning Love
Always On My Mind (Alt. take 2)
I Just Cant Help Believin' (Alt. live version from August 10, 1970)
You Dont Have To Say You Love Me
There Goes My Everything (Take 1)
Rags To Riches (Take 3)
Until Its Time For You To Go
Kentucky Rain (Take 9)
I've lost you (Studio master)
American Trilogy (Aloha version)
Promised Land
My Boy (Undubbed)
Way Down
Moody Blue
commoneverybody wrote on June 05, 2008
Great!!! The first LP i ever bought! By the way , i read on on another website the FULL tracklist, that means also My Way from Elvis In Concert. That makes 18 tracks :-)
circleG wrote on June 05, 2008
This should have been a must release from BMG. the original tracks with extra singles would have made this an excellent compilation. Gold records vol.5 just didn't do justice to the output of work from the 70's. Shame, but it's not too late ...
tcb1 wrote on June 05, 2008
Just another home made CD-R job if you like the track listing my advice save your money make your own CD-R copy for a fraction of the price.. these rip off CD-R's are worthless.. if it was a give away fair enough, but to charge money for something you already have is just plain highway robbery
commoneverybody wrote on June 05, 2008
tcb1 why don´t you just READ before give any comment?? Its a real pressed silver CD, not a CD-R. Wake up, and read the various ads on the worldwide web!
tcb1 wrote on June 05, 2008
Do you believe everything you read, I don't we shall see who’s wrong, but even if by chance its not a CD-R it is still a waist of a disc, just another CD to rip fans off, who ever is behind it should be shot, its bad enough with all the crappy pre 58 royalty free CD's coming out, this is no better and certainly not worth any more
Ciscoking wrote on June 05, 2008
Another title for this piece of junk: C-R-A-P Of The Century
commoneverybody wrote on June 05, 2008
tcb1 what on earth is wrong with you? You want the producers of this Cd to be shot? Poor bastard... always complaining... do you realise a lot of fans love to have this lp on cd, perhaps only because of sentimental reasons? And it looks great, and far better than all those 54-57 recording cds. What on earth is your problem?? Are you jealouse cause you can´t make your own PRESSED cd?? To me this cd looks great, and i surely will play it a lot!
Ronaldv wrote on June 05, 2008
That's a good title Ciscoking! What a bunch of sh..t is flooding the market at the moment. All those songs we have at least three times on other cd's. Grab a successful title, steal some alternates from other imports and there we go, 20 euros please. Do they think the Elvis fans are really stupid or something.
japio wrote on June 05, 2008
why the hate ,Because you don't like the album. That's ok. But if CMeverybody likes it that's ok But his lovely record company give us only the same stuff over and opver again. The idea is good. Classis form those years.with additional outtakes. O sorry BMG i'm dreaming,This will never happens. Maybe it's time for the 100st pressing of a 30 great hits or whatever
ttwiise wrote on June 05, 2008
what a waste of time! any body that buys this has more money than sense!!
Steve V wrote on June 05, 2008
This is no worse than the 100's of Love Songs compilations or the endless & mindless re-issuing of 50's songs. So be it.
John4126 wrote on June 05, 2008
Pointless and anyone who buys this is clearly a mug!
Greg Nolan wrote on June 06, 2008
I don't know what country this came out in during the '70s, but I recall seeing it at least advertised. Is is that bad for 500 copies to be issued of it on CD for those who grew up with it?Calm down, fellas - nostalgia is a key part of being a fan, especially an Elvis fan. We see in how many of us enjoyed Sony/BMG's recent Camden reissues of "Almost In Love" and the like. It's not a big deal for fans who liked the original to go for this.
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 06, 2008
It first came out in the UK, Greg. Just like 'The Sun Collection', but BMG have already released that so the cash-in clowns behind this and other similar releases won't be doing that one. How about 'Elvis In Demand'? Somebody somewhere will buy it in order to duplicate the tracks again. And the sound on the Australian pressing was pretty bad, so yeah, let's go for 'Elvis In Demand'. Then 'Double Dynamite'.
commoneverybody wrote on June 06, 2008
´ELVIS IN DEMAND´ has already been released on CD in the german RCA CLUB Series, so please keep your statements for yourself if you don´t know what you are talking about.
japio wrote on June 06, 2008
But there's was also releases in germany, The prices of these releases are very high. And has bad sound.But now we get an album thats'in great sound and alson not a cd-r. But here is always complains. I don't care about you opninion. If i like these releases it's mine problem.( millionair or not) But why don't you complain about the Loving you (special editon).That's CRAP. And there will follow more of this.But i here you not complain. That's hypocryt. Double talking m......
benny scott wrote on June 06, 2008
I have to agree with Greg Nolan.Nostalgia indeed for some ( or a lot ?) of us. That's why I bought the Camden re-issues on CD, because I own the original vinyl LP's. As a collector it's nice to have the LP's and CD's. The Camden CD's also have the original LP-covers. Owning also the original " Hits of the Seventies"-LP I'm a little dissapointed by the fact that the titles of the first 12 songs are the same as on the original LP, but only 5 of them are the original masters. Would have prefered the originals, no alternates, and no bonus-songs. There's also a different artwork, not the orinal cover, though the original artwork can be seen as part of the inlay. Don't think I'll buy this one. Always El.
commoneverybody wrote on June 06, 2008
Hi Benny, this CD HAS the original yellow cover. What you see in the picture above is just the promotional flyer which contains pictures from the front/back cover and booklet.
benny scott wrote on June 06, 2008
Hello commoneverybody, thanks for the info, appreciate it very much. Should have seen it myself if i'd have looked better ! Maybe i'll cha
theoldscudder wrote on June 08, 2008
I have to agree with ttwiise. I will go him one further. Anyone that buys the majority of most releases from now on must have more money than sense. Hate to burst your bubble but all that's left is either music you already have or a few inferior outtakes of inferior outakes etc. So if this website exists in 10 years & the deluxe 50 th, 6 cd set of the 68 Comeback Special is released in a deluxe tin box, you can write how happy you are to have all the tracks in one package for only the price of three gallons of gas. Don't fret with the progress made in medicine you may very well be around for the 60th , 8 th cd set.
Greg Nolan wrote on June 17, 2008
What a bunch of sour grapes, Scud. I'm pretty agnostic about this release (it sounds like it may miss the mark in duplicating the original album) but if fans here and on that "other" collector site want to collect CDs to tickle their nostalgia bone, so be it. I agree that some of us pine for more rarities out of the RCA tape vaults now owned by Sony/BMG, but that dream has is getting harder and harder to realize. FTD is doing a bang up job and import labels (admittedly this is not one of the better ones I had in minde) are also at peak levels. If someone wants to buy this (I won't), so be it. I've cringed more over some official RCA titles, from "Love, Elvis" to the recent "Super Hits" title - but it's all part of the collecting world. Surely we all have better things to worry about. :) Harvey: we had a somewhat different "Double Dynamite" here as I recall but I did pick up a rare '80s era CD reissue of it here and quite liked having it. I found the LP of "Elvis on Demand" a few years ago and found it to have an intriguing songlist, cool cover and I think it even came out ( before he died ) in '77. Bootleggers, knock youselves out!
theoldscudder wrote on June 17, 2008
Greg Nolan (from Live A little, Love a Little). I dont mind your sourgrapes comment at all. However, only my closet friends can call me scud (a true sign of affection)
king35 wrote on June 17, 2008
Someone mentioned the "Camden" stuff in comparison, does anyone know when the last ones will be released? such as "I got lucky", "C'mon everybody", & "Hit's from his movies Vol.1". I believe those are the only ones that are left?