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ElvisMatters Award Presented To John Wilkinson

June 01, 2008 | People
Every year, our fanclub presents the ElvisMatters Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Elvis World to a member of the Elvis Community. This year, ElvisMatters unanimously decided to present the Award to Elvis's loyal friend and rhythm guitar player, John Wilkinson who is facing serious health problems. As a previous recipient of the ElvisMatters Award ElvisNews congratulates John Wilkinson on receiving this award.
John has never missed one single concert with Elvis, and even now he is still active in the Elvis World, always willing to talk about Elvis and how proud he was to be part of his life and music. John is simply adored by the fans, and will go out of his way to help fans, and support fan clubs. And personally, we couldn't think of a better friend than John. We feel privileged and blessed to be able to call him our dear friend, and number one supporter. We hope that this special Award reminds John of the love and respect there is in the Elvis community for him, as a guitarist, a fan himself, and above all: a friend. This is John's reply to the Award presentation: DEAR PETER AND ALL ELVISMATTERS STAFF. IT IS WITH A DEEP SENSE OF GRATITUDE AND HUMILITY THAT I ACCEPT THIS BEAUTIFUL AWARD. I AM SO VERY PROUD TO BE A PART OF THE BEST ELVIS PRESLEY FAN CLUB IN THE WORLD. ELVISMATTERS HAS DONE SO MUCH FOR THE MEMORY, MUSIC AND LEGACY OF ELVIS OVER THE YEARS AND HAS GIVEN THE FANS A CLUB THAT THEY CAN BE TRULY PROUD OF TO BELONG TO. BECAUSE OF THE EXTRAORDINARY EFFORTS, LOVE AND TCB OF ELVISMATTERS THAT THE FANS HAVE BEEN TREATED TO WONDERFUL CONCERTS AND CONVENTIONS HONORING MY LATE FRIEND AND BOSS, ELVIS PRESLEY. LONG LIVE ELVISMATTERS AND THE SPIRIT IN WHICH IT WAS FOUNDED! MOST SINCERELY, JOHN WILKINSON
Natha wrote on June 03, 2008
Fantastic. He was and still is a genuine TCB friend of our king. Though incapacitated in one way he has shown at many an occasion that he was a true friend, one of the few real ones. Congratulations John. As a long standing Elvis fan I honor your loyalty and sincerity. Hope you will be amidst us for a great many of years.
Ruthie wrote on June 06, 2008
What a great tribute to a wonderful man & great talent. He is truly so deserving. And a big pat on the back to Elvis Matters!