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Elvis On The Cover Of Faces Magazine

June 01, 2008 | Other
Elvis Presley is featured on the cover of the May / June edition of the kids' magazine 'Faces - People, Places and Culture'. The magazine is geared toward younger readers, but this issue is something that Elvis fans might like to have as a keepsake, especially newer fans. The entire issue is about Elvis and things related to Elvis. The front cover shows a picture of Elvis in his Jailhouse Rock outfit, and the captions read 'All Shook Up, how his music changed the world' and it says 'Elvis, king of the world'.

Synopsis Elvis: King Of The World (May, 2008):

Do you know why he is called "The King?" Find out how a poor boy from Mississippi became the world's most recognized pop icon in this issue that's all about the one and only Elvis Presley. Meet people who make a living impersonating him, tour his famous home Graceland, and discover how he influenced music, race relations, musicians, and the whole world. You'll also learn how to throw your own Elvis Presley themed movie night. Thank you. Thankyouverymuch.

The 50 page magazine shows how a poor boy from Mississippi went on the become the greatest entertainer in the world. There is a cute photo of Elvis with Gladys and Vernon, taken when Elvis was a little boy (about 1938), and a photo from when he was on the Ed Sullivan show. The magazine interviewed 12 year old Will Flaherty, who is an ETA. (page 36 and 37) Don was also interviewed for the magazine, his interview is on pages 33 - 35, with a small photo of him on page 34.

About the magazine:

Become a world traveler - no passport needed. FACESĀ® brings the world to kids. The coolest adventures await young readers in each issue as they visit places and cultures both far and near, explore new foods and customs, and meet other kids all around the world. FACES is the greatest traveling companion for the curious kid.
Shakingruud wrote on June 01, 2008
YES! I really like this! Its a good way to show Elvis to the youngsters ( that means its far better than a rubber duck....) Excellent!!
PRESYER wrote on June 01, 2008
At last something positive for the youngsters and also on this EAP web site! Thanks a lot to FACES editor!