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25000 Dollar For Elvis' Shirt

June 01, 2008 | Other
The “Celebrity Auction” of U2’s The Edge (May 31st) was asuccess. Among the successful Elvis items were a gold record he presented to his mother (4250 $US), a signed Hank Snow program (2400 $US), a quote on EP-letterhead (5500 $US), a signed picture (2500 $US), a hat he wore in the sixties (2500 $US), a prescription bottle (2500 $US) and a shirt, with a COA by Ginger Alden. The latter sold for 25.000 $US. The shirt features a large Indian on the back in full headdress, as well as an Indian across each breast of the shirt and at the bicep of each sleeve. It was accompanied by a candid picture of Elvis wearing the shirt.
Jerome wrote on June 01, 2008
Is that Hiawatha?..
Vegas Sun wrote on June 02, 2008
Elvisnews, do you have the picture of EP in the shirt to post with this item?
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on June 02, 2008
This is a true American design, shades of Roy Rogers clothing in the 40's and 50's
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 04, 2008
The photo shows Elvis wearing a jumpsuit, not that awful shirt. Me smells a con, people.