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2009 Calendar

May 26, 2008 | Other
Elvis was ahead of his time, so are the publishers of calendars; the first 2009 calendars are already available. This Dream International calendar is the first cover we can show you.
Source:The United Elvis Presley Society
Jerome wrote on May 27, 2008
quite a rare picture..
Harvey Alexander wrote on May 27, 2008
I sure hope the photos in this calendar are remixed to appeal to the kids. And the jumpsuit-wearing, duck-buying, impersonator-watching bing bongs.
emjel wrote on May 27, 2008
It's probably just a cheapo calendar. Remixing - well it looks like it's been re-coloured to black and white.
Palle wrote on May 27, 2008
Slap in the Spandox remixes and you've got yourself a white trash buyers