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Help Save TCB Tour Bus Elvis Gave JD Sumner

May 21, 2008 | Other
Legacy Hall of Fame Inc., a non profit foundation, 501 (3) (c) is asking for your donations to help save, restore, and preserve Elvis Presley's TCB Tour Bus. Legacy Hall of Fame Inc. plans to bring Elvis Presley's TCB Tour Bus to Tupelo, Mississippi, restore it, and put it on display for fans to come and see from around the world.

In order to do this we must raise funds to pay for the cost to save the bus, restore it, and construct a facility to protect the bus. Legacy Hall of Fame Inc. is asking for donations of $5.00 $10.00 and etc., (US Dollars) from individuals. A fan club can donate what ever they like.

We will also be asking for donations from corporate sponsors and other 501 (3) (c)'s. To make donations to save Elvis' TCB Tour Bus send donations to Legacy Hall of Fame, Inc., P.O. Box 376 Tupelo, MS 38802. These donations are tax deductible.

For more information you may also contact: Bill & Linda Kinard at (662) 620- 9966.
Mielvis wrote on May 21, 2008
So we can then be charged to see it? No thanks
tmorelli@hughes.net wrote on May 21, 2008
What is it about this bus that makes it special other than that it was given by Elvis to JD? How frequently did Elvis himself use the bus? Are there any photos that connect Elvis to the bus? Is there anything on the inside that distinguishes it from any other tour bus of that era?
Jerome wrote on May 22, 2008
I'm still not sure whether to give it to Burma, China or the tour bus..
al shookup wrote on May 22, 2008
They should get it from Lisa or Priscilla.......theyare constantly taking from the fans so they should give something back!
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on May 22, 2008
this sounds like a job for BMG (buy my garbage) they sell garbage CD's so why not buy a big Garbage pail to keep them in
mholdr wrote on May 22, 2008
Sorry, not worth it. Now if it was the bus that Elvis used to drive back and forth to Hollywood in the 60's YES, but not this one. I've often wondered what happened to that bus....?? anyone know?
Harvey Alexander wrote on May 22, 2008
I've heard that Reg Varney is buying it.
Jerome wrote on May 22, 2008
sitdown68 wrote on May 22, 2008
having designed community development projects in south america for a while I wonder why they do not inform us about the total amount of the cost. we need 00000'00 dollars. what they also should consider is the money for a carport as this "historical" vehicle needs some shelter or it will deteriorate again...on the other hand: what is the reason for all the hype for everything which was used by elvis presley during his lifetime. forgive, but as completists we should hurry up an put hands on every toilet used by the man in his lifetime. sorry, but I just can't stand it...
Harvey Alexander wrote on May 22, 2008
Bussa No-no Baby!
Elvisnites wrote on May 24, 2008
Before anyone thinks of sending a donation, which I seriously doubt, you need to check on the Elvis Presley Heights Memorial Wall and Elvis Presley Heights Cemetary, both of which never materilized by the same sponsors. Gee is it getting shady in here.
sitdown68 wrote on May 24, 2008
what they show on their site is the ribbon cutting for the memory wall...looks like a copy of the Vietnam Memorial at D.C. The unserious thing about this is what elvisnites stated below, as long as the only provide the ribbon cutting for the wall, why do they aim for another project?! Said with an Elvis-lyric line: keep your hands off...;-)