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Elvis On Indiana Jones IV Soundtrack

May 20, 2008 | Book

The new Indiana Jones IV movie premiered May 18 during the filmfestival in Cannes. The first 3 movies were made several years ago and are set in the 40s. Director Spielbergs main character, played by Harrison Ford, is aged and the movie is now set in the 50s. It may not sound as a surprise that we hear a song from Elvis, "Hound Dog" on the soundtrack!

Sirbalkan wrote on May 20, 2008
A legendary movie including a legendary man's song...
Steve V wrote on May 20, 2008
Good news. Should be the blockbuster movie of the summer.
dannyboy1 wrote on May 21, 2008
Actually, the first three movies were made 27, 24 and 19 years ago and were set in the 1930's. Elvis being on the soundtrack is entirely appropriate with the new film being set in 1957.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on May 21, 2008
i just heard the soundtrack..i can't hear or find elvis on it..must be a mistake..?