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A Greensboro Revolution ! - Standing Room Only Tapes, Vol.1

May 24, 2008 | Music
The next Madison label release will be "A Greensboro Revolution! - Standing Room Only Tapes, Vol. 1".

This sparkling performance, recorded in Greensboro, NC on Friday, April 14, 1972, in the presence of MGM's documentary cameras, has been issued many times in the past, but never in such great sound quality according to the update. For the very first time, hear the show mixed down from the multi-track tapes into superb stereo.

From the press-release:

The April 1972 tour was Presley's first of the year. And he was ready. Three outstanding performances from this gig made the final cut of "Elvis On Tour" -- "Bridge Over Troubled Water," "An American Trilogy" and "Funny How Time Slips Away." In 1992, "The Lost Performances" gave fans a fourth visual, with the inclusion of "Release Me." All are here, and the entire evening is a delight.

Track listing :

01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra 1:04 ; 02. C.C. Rider 3:09 ; 03. Proud Mary 2:43 ; 04. Never Been To Spain 3:36 ; 05. You Gave Me A Mountain 3:13 ; 06. Until It's Time For You To Go 2:36 ; 07. Polk Salad Annie 3:14 ; 08. Love Me 1:35 ; 09. All Shook Up 1:00 ; 10. Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 2:26 ; 11. Hound Dog 1:30 ; 12. Heartbreak Hotel 1:49 ; 13. A Big Hunk O' Love 2:00 ; 14. Bridge Over Troubled Water 4:13 ; 15. Suspicious Minds 4:48 ; 16. Love Me Tender 1:34 ; 17. Introduction of Vocalists, Musicians, Orchestra 1:21 ; 18. For The Good Times 3:08 ; 19. An American Trilogy 4:42 ; 20. Burning Love 2:44 ; 21. Release Me 3:03 ; 22. Funny How Time Slips Away 2:49 ; 23. Can't Help Falling In Love / Closing Vamp 2:15

Bonus Tracks: 24. Backstage, Saturday, April 15, 1972, Macon, GA 0:59 ; 25. Bridge Over Troubled Water (unrepaired) 3:43

Total Time = 65:39
Source:For CD Collectors Only
Jerome wrote on May 24, 2008
it's about time they release the freaking footgae of this concert..
roytcbintheuk wrote on May 24, 2008
great show, great label but i will give it a miss as i already own this when it was released on the Triangle label but if you missed it grab a copy from Madison you will not be disappointed.
Lefty wrote on May 24, 2008
Go Madison! This concert is complete, and even sounds great on the oldie but goodie Vicky release from years ago. I can only imagine the outstanding job they'll do with one of the best concerts from 1972. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Vol. 2 being the complete Hampton concert from a few days earlier!
circleG wrote on May 24, 2008
One thing FTD concerts lack are the hint of echo on their mixes. The madison releases and others always have a hint that really make you feel like you're listening to a concert. The FTD mixes are so 'dry' that its like a studio recording (listen to the 69 concerts) , just something to pay attentiont o maybe Ernst.. on another note why haven't these EOT concerts been officially released yet? FTD, we're calling, are you listening?
Ronaldv wrote on May 24, 2008
I have the Vicky release bootleg from the 90's for years. The sound is already great. I'll pass this one. But where is the announced 73 soundboard, MADISON?
asd123 wrote on May 24, 2008
lol, I wonder how they managed to get the multi track tapes. I'll be getting this one for sure, I have no doubts that this is going to be a killer. And RonaldoV, did you skip the official San Antionio release on "Close Up" because of the old (vicky) soundboard as well?
king al wrote on May 24, 2008
The time has come to release them officially FTD...
Ronaldv wrote on May 24, 2008
kingOfspades: back then when the close up box was released, I was glad that I did not buy the san antonio vicky release already. So I bought the BMG version...
JerryNodak wrote on May 25, 2008
Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) Sony/BMG/FTD will get around to releasing this and Richmond, too. When they do, I'll buy those.
asd123 wrote on May 25, 2008
BMG will definitely release these concerts but I'll be getting this one for sure too, because of the great effort the Madison guys put into their releases. And I guess Vol. 2 of the "standing room only tapes" follows soon after Vol. 1. And by the way... this is the first time a bootleg label releases a live multi track recording. This is going to be a killer again!!
Greg Nolan wrote on May 25, 2008
This is yet more welcome news for fans of a man dead three-plus decades. How long are we supposed to wait for "Elvis on Tour" ("EOT") material to get the latest and "full" treatment? Don't bank on it. It may come out, or maybe not. The retail CD market is fast growing kaput and only specialty collector label FTD is our saving grace next to the import world. The "Close Up" boxset (on RCA/ BMG Heritage) that featured the San Antonio concert came out five long years ago. Have we heard any indication that Sony/ BMG is about to issue other EOT material like "Greensboro" ? The import world exists in part to prod on the main label to match and surpass what exists in the import world and eventually (thankfully) FTD does catch up. This is true, for example, as they have done recently on several stellar "classic album releases," for example, rendering previous bootlegs moot. When Madison is around, you know it's going to put to shame any previous release, be it Triangle or Vicky. I can understand for financial reasons telling yourself "how much bettter can it be"? but the reality is that anything put out in 2008 (especially if by a label like Madison) is going to beat the pants off of any '90s era release in terms of audio, photos, liner notes and overall superior added value. I'll be up for the "Greensboro Revolution!"...Great title, by the way.
asd123 wrote on May 25, 2008
I Saw the Light wrote on May 26, 2008
Definately for those who don't have two previous editions of this concert, Sweet Carolina from Vicky and The Greensboro Concert from Triangle. Madison is great label, but it will be pretty hard to beat Triangle's cd realesed just few years ago (2003). Let's wait and see
Ciscoking wrote on May 26, 2008
Contrary to the previous releases this one is stereo,..that`s a difference , I think.
Greg Nolan wrote on May 28, 2008
Hard to beat? It's Madison we're talking about! Cisco is right- there's that little matter of it being this time in stereo from the original tapes, originally! The track listing is longer and Madison usually pulls out all the stops for the package overall. I think the Vicky and Triangle are about to be one-upped! This is welcome news and presumably this is a package that folks will *find* the money in order to make the up-grade! It can be annoying to re-buy the same shows but "better" is "better"! Such is the hard life of the die-hard Elvis fan!
Lefty wrote on May 28, 2008
I'm with Greg on this one! The sound quality on the Vicky release, albeit good for a soundboard, doesn't come close to the quality of a multi-track stereo recording. The Triangle release was a CD-R. Madison is giving us the best sound anyone could hope for, and their art production cannot be beat. I'm positive that not even FTD will be able top the Madison if they ever get around to releasing this show. I don't mind buying it again. Heck, I welcome the opportunity. It stands out as one of the best shows of 1972.
Gan wrote on May 28, 2008
Great news!!! I certainly will grab one.