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Mississippi Campaign For Elvis Licence Plates

May 04, 2008 | Other
Tennessee was the first American state to have them, but now it looks like the great state of Mississipi is following it's neighbour's footsteps. The local Mississipi-fanclub (the state where Elvis was born, in Tupelo) has begun campaigning for their official Elvis license plates.

The only condition that has to be met, is that one thousand car owners apply for such a licence plate. The fanclub is confident that they will success.
PRESYER wrote on May 04, 2008
C'm'on Mississippi! Just do it! It is about your first and most famous citizen of all time!
jamiecoyne wrote on May 04, 2008
My guess is they will far short of the 1000 needed...probably a lot shorter that Tennessee did. Remember is Tennessee "some" benevolent fan coughed up the rest of the cash to make up the difference so they would approve the plate. This is excellent (and CHEAP!) advertising for EPE. That's the only thing wrong with putting ELVIS on things now - it's FREE advertising for a corporation...they are using the man to strengthen a brand and enrich a few. Just don't forget that when you're flying a flag to put Elvis' name on buildings and license plates. Look at it like this - it's another Brand Licensing that they can get someone else to pay for - and they have little mini billboards running all over our streets and highways. Let's hope someone sees what's really going on and puts a stop to it before all 50 states have them. They are using Elvis the man under the guise of "recognizing" him for who and what he was - to promote a brand. Why not have McDonalds license plates or WalMart license plates.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on May 05, 2008
Your right, Elvis name has become like the fruits on the label of my Fruit of the Loom Jockey Shorts. and that could be next because their is a photo of elvis after his induction into the US Army of him in his Jockey shorts So that could be next, Let Elvis Hold You UP.