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Marble Elvis: The King Lives!

May 09, 2008 | Book
Due for release from Running Press on September 1, 2008 is the 32 pages hardcover book by Ingrid Emerick and Leslie Mille entitled "Marble Elvis: The King Lives!" (ISBN-10: 0762433213 / ISBN-13: 978-0762433216).


Think your love for Elvis is BIG? Here’s the tiny hunka hunk of sculpture to prove it. Yes, now you can take a piece of Presley wherever you go with this handsome little bust. Also included is an Elvis Almanac loaded with quotes, trivia, photos, and more—plus, a perforated accessories card that lets you adorn your Elvis with his signature aviators or Hawaiian lei, or just prop him up with his guitar and watch the magic happen. He may not have hips to shake, but his curled lip says it all: the King of Rock ‘n Roll still reigns, and he’s never looked better!
Officially licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Marble Elvis bears the Graceland seal of approval and along with the King’s irresistible charm this distinctive package is sure to be a hit with the millions of Elvis fans worldwide.
Viva wrote on May 10, 2008
Nice to see EPE maintaining their uncompromising standards when endorsing Elvis product. I'm so glad they don't invest time and money into those horrible, tacky CD and DVD things which only have the real Elvis on them. Well done EPE, another winner.
Harvey Alexander wrote on May 10, 2008
I'll put mine on my mantle piece for when I'm listening to the duet with Celine Dion and combing my Elvis wig.
Steve V wrote on May 11, 2008
JerryNodak wrote on May 11, 2008
The reason this stuff exists (tacky though it may be) is because it SELLS. Probably out sells the music (as sad as that is). Sadly, I don't see the trend reversing.