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Elvis: Your Personal Fashion Consultant

May 06, 2008 | Book

Due for release from Abrams Image on July 23, 2008 is the paperback book "Elvis: Your Personal Fashion Consultant" by Michael and Karan Feder. This is a 32 pages fun book in which you can play around with Elvis outfits. This book features punch-out cardboard images of Elvis that stand up, the stands are included with the book. (ISBN-10: 0810972700 / ISBN-13: 978-0810972704).

Jerome wrote on May 06, 2008
I understand why he said: "I'm tired of being Elvis Presley"..
Steve V wrote on May 06, 2008
such is why the elvis vs beatles argument still rages on. when u have stuff like this how can one take the music as seriously? Hmm - what outfit was in Clambake again?
Rycher wrote on May 06, 2008
Just because someone is beautiful doesn't mean that he or she is less talented. This is just another case of people trying to make money off of the Presley legend. Someone's insipid idea for a book that has nothing to do with Elvis' music. Humans are naturally drawn to beauty-it's not his fault that some idiots want to make him into a Ken-doll fashion show. Would he have been considered a better musician if he had been ugly? Why do people try to compare Elvis to the Beatles-it's apples to oranges-Both had their own sets of gifts and creativity, and both used them to express themselves through music in different ways.
Elvisnites wrote on May 06, 2008
Is this like aaah, paper dolls?
ElvisDayByDay wrote on May 07, 2008
The Beatles sold sold crap too. The sold wigs during their days of fame ... somehow the Elvis wigs are still polular, the Beatles wigs not ... I wish it was the other way around :-)
Steve V wrote on May 07, 2008
Kees - Of course there was Beatles crap - made for teenagers in 1964! Just like the EPE stuff that came out in 1956. It was geared for kids not adults and its called marketing. Every so called rage has their image marketed, there was even Fabian cards! But to see this kind of product 30 years after Elvis is gone, it just doesnt do him or his image any favors.
mfeder wrote on May 07, 2008
The book "Elvis, Your Personal Fashion Consultant" is an officially licensed product. It is very reasonably priced, and is a lot of fun for Elvis fans. Elvis licensed products during his lifetime, and clearly approved of fun things with real value. This book features punch-out cardboard images of Elvis, some in never-before-seen color, that stand up on stands included with the book. It is intended to be fun and kitschy and will be very much appreciated by Elvis fans. There is no reason to make any negative comment about it- it is written lovingly by genuine Elvis fans (we've visited Graceland and spent plenty of time in the gift shops, too!). With over 200 Elvis licensees, making various kinds of things, a fan can choose to have whatever they want- or nothing- but in any case, Elvis Presley Enterprises gets proceeds from each book sold. If you think it is fun, buy it- if you don't, nobody will be mad when you choose not to. Thanks for your consideration- we just tried to make something fun.
Harvey Alexander wrote on May 08, 2008
Written like a true press release, mfeder. Next garbage, please!
ElvisDayByDay wrote on May 08, 2008
Steve, that's why I wrote I wish it was the other way around ... Imagine, Elvis taken seriously as an artist and the Beatles at your doorstep at Helloween :-)
JerryNodak wrote on May 08, 2008
Over the years Elvis wore a lot of stuff that I thought looked pretty cool on him. I even had stuff that was similar. For instance that shirt and jacket on the original "Kissin' Cousins" single cover. Never looked as cool on me though. In the '70s most of his stuff was to flambouyant for my taste. Overall I doubt I would have used Elvis as my fashion consultant As far as the Elvis 'junk' is concerned, it'll be around as long as it sells. And it does sell.