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'68 At 40 - Retrospective Due In August

May 03, 2008 | Book
The new book "'68 At 40 - Retrospective" from JAT Publishing, written by the producer / director of the "'68 Comeback Special" Steve Binder, is due for release August 6, 2008. The book contains exclusive never before seen color photos from the collections of Timothy Mulrenan and Robert Brower.

There will be only 2000 hardcover books available that will include a 8'' x 10'' picture not used in the book and signed by Steve Binder. This will be the definitive book on the making of the 1968 Elvis Presley television special according to the update.
Source:For CD Collectors Only
Harvey Alexander wrote on May 03, 2008
Has it not sold out already, Joe?
Steve V wrote on May 03, 2008
Wish it meant 68 at 40 bucks!
sivle3 wrote on May 03, 2008
You know it looks like a great book and a good collectors item for those who want it. I have not seen the price yet and if its 80-90 bucks well thats kinda steep. But it seems like a lot of people are here only to bitch about anything and every thing before we even know what it is. God knows I have my share of complaints i want an EOT full version like the 3 disc boc set of the 68 special. But lets find out the facts about it first before putting it down, anything and everything on this site is attacked as soon as it is announced. If you are so displeased with everything that comes out maybe you should just browse amazon til you find an item you like at what you think is a fair price.
japio wrote on May 04, 2008
Steve . I think its 40 and 68 = 108 Bucks.
Harvey Alexander wrote on May 04, 2008
I'm off to browse Amazon...