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That's The Way It Is Re-issue Re-issued

April 25, 2008 | Music

The 2000 Special Edition re-issue of "That's The Way It Is" has been re-issued again. The original release came on three digi-packs in a plastic slipcase, this 2008 re-issue comes in a standard three CD jewelcase.

Source:Elvis Corner
Steve V wrote on April 25, 2008
Huh? This along with the FTDs? Why?
JerryNodak wrote on April 25, 2008
Except for the concert on disc 2, there wasn't much I liked about the 3 disc TTWII SE in 2000. Certainly not the packaging. I'll pass, and purchase the TTWII FTD instead.
James69 wrote on April 26, 2008
Simple Steve V, cause the general public does not know or buy FTD's.
OtisBlue22 wrote on April 26, 2008
When it was first released in 2000, I had never heard Elvis' more serious secular side. Yes the concert is great, but the original album in re-mastered sound is the highlight here, especially when the material is so strong and Elvis' voice has matured to such an extent. The third disc isn't really needed, since a lot of it is in poor sound and it's not at all consistent. Nevertheless, it's an ok package with an informative booklet (though where it says that the Aug 1970 concert on disc 2 is the best recording of an Elvis Presley concert I strongly disagree; Elvis at the International anybody?)
Steve V wrote on April 26, 2008
I realize the general public doesnt know about FTD, so why reissue this as a 3 disc set that is basically aimed for an FTD type fan/collector and not the average fan? The original 3 disc set sold poorly because the average fan doesnt care about outtakes, etc . Why not just reissue the classic album on CD like they just did his gospel albums? Makes more sense to me.
JerryNodak wrote on April 26, 2008
The original album in re-mastered sound? Huh? Didn't sound any better than the earlier cd I already owned to my ears. I love the original album, but the highlight of this package was the concert. I'll take this concert over any from '69. For me the problem with the TTWII SE is that that whole package seems like it was just thrown together as a companion piece for the SE movie released at that time. This package won't sell any better now than it did the first time around. I agree with Steve V that it would have been smarter to just release the original album with upgraded sound. Throw in the studio versions of "I've Lost You" and "Patch It Up" as bonus tracks. I would have bought that package and skipped the FTD version.
FJE wrote on April 26, 2008
That's funny, I always had the 3-CD Jewel Case since I bought it in 2000! So there's nothing new here. And I do agree that this is irrelevant now ans if it was aimed at the general public the original album plus a few extra tracks would have sufficed. Doh!!
circleG wrote on April 28, 2008
when released back in 2000 it was an 'essential' collection for collectors. eight years later I agree with the others that there should have been A) a single Cd with upgraded sound and bonus tracks B) an FTD version for those of us serious fans who want outtakes and C) a third seperate Cd with the COMPLETE concert as the 2000 release was cut after 'polk salad annie'
sivle3 wrote on April 29, 2008
Please tell me there is more on the third reissue hell I am waiting for the big EOT an official not my bootlegs, I ordered the new 2 disc TTTWII 2007 hoping I am happy
Steve V wrote on May 01, 2008
A remixed Patch It Up could be a big hit. I always thought that song had potential but it got buried on a B side and forgotten. It could be another ALLC for today's market!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 09, 2008
Patch it up is also one of my favorite,dont know about a remix,there choice of singles they released back then to me is puzzling,a great song in my top ten of fav Elvis tunes!