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Large Selection '68 Special' Souvenirs In Production

April 22, 2008 | Other
The 40th anniversary of the "'68 Special" will deliver a large amount of new souvenirs in the coming months. The British company 'Copyright Promotions' (CPLG) recently signed a contract with EPE. They received all the rights to use and promote images of the "68 Special". The company will not design souvenirs, but will sell the material to license holders to use on their products. CPLG currently represents brands like Sesame Street, Dora The Explorer, Star Trek, The Simpsons and Marvel Comics.
Harvey Alexander wrote on April 23, 2008
Mark me down for a pair of 68 Special Underpants, please. And I'll take two 68 Special mobile phone covers, three 68 Special toilet-roll holders, four 68 Special toasters, five 68 Special bedroom slippers, six 68 Special 'Let Yourself Go' boxes of laxative tablets...and a partridge in a pair tree.