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70 Undiscovered Shots By Ed Bonja

April 20, 2008 | Other
Elvis Presley's official stage photographer Ed Bonja was going thru his thousands of prints this week, and discovered seventy shots of Elvis that have never been seen or printed before. "It was truly amazing", Ed told ElvisMatters on the phone. "I hadn't seen that part of my archive in years, and all of a sudden - there they were." It's unclear yet as to how Ed Bonja will share the prints with the fans.
FJE wrote on April 20, 2008
That's easy. Just put them online in the highest resolution possible so we can download them to our heart's content!
OtisBlue22 wrote on April 20, 2008
This story sounds very similar to a one I heard last week...could Bonja be stealing someone's thunder?
JerryNodak wrote on April 20, 2008
Of course he'll share the prints with the fans. In an overpriced book we'll be expected to buy.
Peter @ ElvisMatters wrote on April 20, 2008
Hi Jerry, I usually don't react to comments like that, but with Ed being my friend, I just can't turn the other way now. Ed has never overcharged fans. In fact he never even published a book - so, how can he overcharge? Elvis Unlimited produced "I shot Elvis" with his pictures, but that was their thing, not Ed's. I saw Ed just last month in Germany, and he was selling his large colored (signed) pictures (50 x 80 cm) at an Elvis fest for 20 euro each. We are talking about the original pictures by the original/official photographer. Keith Alverson: same thing: we had Keith and his wife over last year & I can tell you that we never had a better experience than with him: what a great personality! And about the money (which seems to interest you): the small (10 x 15) pictures cost 2 euro each, the larger ones 10 euro - all signed, so what's the problem? We have used Ed's and Keith's pictures for our magazines several times and we never had to pay them. Contrary to some other photographers, I might add... and while we're on this subject, check EPE's site and be amazed about what they charge for 50+ year old pictures to which they may not even have the copyright (I don't know). Sometimes this Elvis world is too weird for me. I would have thought that fans would welcome these new pictures, and what do I see? One reaction that says: share them for free (he just may do that) - but what that actually means is: "Ho ho - if he doesn't give them away for free, we'll tell him". The second reaction: Maybe Ed's stealing somebody's thunder? C'mon guys! The man just moved to a new home and went through his archives & dug up these pictures. Hey, you know what? I asked Ed a couple of weeks ago for a picture of Elvis with a particular belt, and Ed came up with 4 (FOUR) completely unseen pictures, that he wasn't even aware of himself. That belt holds a special spot in my heart, and I know ALL the pictures in existance -- and these 4 I'm referring to are not even in the 70 newly discovered pics. And the third reaction is yours - translated it comes down to: "he will rip us off". All that the man did, was tell me he had discovered 70 unseen pictures. He did not ask me to go public with it, I just thought it was worth mentioning it in these all time low Elvis news days - especially given the many gorgeous shots he took of Elvis - and look what he gets... To quote Elvis; it never ceases to amaze me.
Jerome wrote on April 20, 2008
despite of a weird, coincidential timing of these pictures, I'd love to see them. But I still don't get Ed's decision for not shooting the last 2 years of his career because of Elvis his overweight..
benny scott wrote on April 21, 2008
I have to agree with Peter as far as it concerns Ed Bonja. On the other hand I can fully understand Jerry's reaction. In the past, fans have been ripped off many times by all sorts of more or less worthless CD's, pictures, DVD's, books, etc... It's a good thing that not all sellers of Elvis-merchandise are asking too much money for their stuff, and one of them is Ed. So IMHO both Peter and Jerry have a point. But let there be peace, not only in the valley, but also among Elvis-fans! Always El.
hounddawgs6499 wrote on April 21, 2008
I would love to see the photos - even if it's in a new photo book. As for Ed's decision not to take photos of Elvis on stage (during 1976-77) due to the weight thing - put yourself in his shoes. Maybe he thought Elvis was going to lose the weight. Also if he had taken pictures, he might have been concerned that Tom Parker would use a very unflattering shot of Elvis for an album cover or a single sleeve (T.P. was known for picking out the pictures that were used on the album covers and single sleeves - and at times, was not known for exercising good judgement in picking good shots).
Kenneth wrote on April 22, 2008
I like and agree with what PETER said, so refreshing, wish I could get his magazines.