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Elvis Diamond On The Block

April 18, 2008 | Other
On the ebay auction-block is a cultured "Elvis Diamond" supposedly created using the DNA from one of Elvis' hairs. Staring-bid for this item is US $ 50,000.
From the auction:

New Life Diamonds & Gems, LLc. proudly presents The ELVIS Presley Memorial Diamond. Memories sometimes fade… but a diamond last forever!

You are bidding on the ONLY .5 ct Blue, Round Cut, Cultured Diamond that will be created from the actual hair containing the mitochondrial DNA of Elvis “The King” Presley. The hair samples being used are a combination of two separately authenticated samples acquired from two different reputable sources as a way to ensure authenticity. Each diamond will come with numerous documents and certifications of authenticity.

The hair sample will be reduced to it's basic element…carbon and a real diamond will be created using the HPHT process (high pressure high temp.). Cultured Diamond are real diamonds exhibiting the same identical properties of naturally mined diamonds. The Elvis Diamond will be laser engraved along the girdle with an identity number and Elvis “The King” Presley.

This is the ONLY ½ ct Blue Elvis Diamond that will ever be created and will be done by the exact same process as the .56 ct Beethoven Diamond which sold on EBay for $202,700 in Sept 2007. The ½ ct Blue Elvis Diamond is expected to sell for over $300,000 with a low opening bid of $50,000. This auction is being done without any media or advertising promotion which makes this an unbelievable opportunity for someone to own a truely one-of-a-kind gem.

Diamonds of Hope-Historical Diamonds
Three individual diamonds will be created from the Elvis hair sample: The ONLY .5 ct is being presold here to fund and promote the “Diamonds of Hope” celebrity auction where we will be auctioning off diamonds created from the hair of celebrity donors to benefit their charity. To help fund and promote the “Diamonds of Hope” charity event, every month beginning in the summer of 2008, New Life Diamonds & Gems, LLC will be auctioning off up to three diamonds of various sizes created from an authenticated and certified hair samples from 18 different historical figures including: Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, J.F.K., John Lennon, Mickey Mantel, Babe Ruth, George Washington, Napoleon, Mother Theresa, Geronimo, Robert E. Lee, Richard Nixon, Queen Victoria, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Jefferson Davis, Eisenhower, Ron Reagan, Andrew Jackson, Alexander Hamilton, Ted Williams, Jacque Kennedy Onassis and Henry Ford.

The Elvis Diamond is scheduled to be delivered by mid-late May 2008. At the close of auction a $25,000 deposit (certified funds) will be due with-in ten days and the balance of the auction price will be due upon delivery. A signed notarized “intent to deliver” agreement will be mailed to you along with a purchase agreement.

About New Life Diamonds:

New Life Diamonds and Gems, LLC is one of the largest suppliers of Cultured Diamonds to the custom jewelry industry and is known for their two trademarked signature diamonds which are the latest additions to our Life Diamond Family:
The UNITY DIAMOND™....a certified high quality one-of-a-kind Fancy Colored Cultured Diamond created from a small amount of human hair donated from two people. The perfect wedding ring immortalizing the bond of two people.
The Trinity Diamond™….is also a certified high quality one-of-a-kind Fancy Colored Cultured Diamond created from a small amount of human hair donated from three or more people.

The CELEBRATION of LIFE Diamond….created from a small sample of human hair or cremation remains-“cremains” from a departed loved one…. a symbolic tribute to love everlasting. And

“Diamonds of Hope”
New Life Diamonds CEO, Michael Payton would like to issue a challenge and offer an opportunity to all celebrities to join in his crusade to make the world a little better place.

We are looking for celebrities to donate a lock of hair to be turned into 3 diamonds of various sizes to be auctioned off online at an undetermined date at the end of 2009. The proceeds will be given to their charities or foundations of choice. Our goal would be to raise 100 million for charitable organizations across the globe while immortalizing our celebrity icons in diamonds. I can think of no better or fitting tribute. So, if you know Oprah, Mel, Cher, Britney, Courtney, Clint, Robert, Ellen or Madonna spread the word. Have them contact NEW LIFE DIAMONDS & GEMS for information on how to donate. We already have a number of verbal commitments from celebrity donors and we will post them on our site once we have their authorized letter of release. The winner of this auction will automatically be placed on our exclusive private investor list which gets priority purchasing privileges of the other .5 ct Celebrity Diamonds, created from celebrity donors, as they become available. We're expecting great things in 2008!
Harvey Alexander wrote on April 18, 2008
I'll take seven, please!
Johnny wrote on April 19, 2008
Can you imagine any celebrity going for this? Imagine after the auction you realise that your diamond sold less than Robbie Williams'? At least the main man can rest peacefully knowing that his will never be beaten on value, and that someone with more money than sense will buy it....
elviskid80 wrote on April 19, 2008
What Next Elvis Mucus Or Elvis Teeth .Rediculas Just Rediculas.
lsp2231 wrote on April 19, 2008
Oops, I just stared at it! Does that mean I have to pay the "staring-bid" of US$ 50,000 now? LOL!
Dixieland Rock wrote on April 19, 2008
Maybe a lock of Old Shep's hair or maybe 3 or 4 of his whiskers will surface & then they could make a full necklace.....lol
Jerome wrote on April 19, 2008
before bidding I really want to know from which bodypart the hair comes from..
Aarons wrote on April 19, 2008
I don't get the science behind this.
PRESYER wrote on April 19, 2008
Poor poor poor world of only money, money, money, money!