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Elvis 2008 European Tour

April 15, 2008 | Other
Once again the major European fanclubs have joined forces for another "Tour de Force". Next October, the new "Elvis 2008 Live Tour" conquers Europe, with stops in Norway (Oslo and Trondheim), France (Paris), Italy (Milan), Belgium (Turnhout) and The Netherlands (Eindhoven). The original cast on stage includes Joe Guercio and his Orchestra (featuring his original musicians Ron Feuer and Walt Johnson), The TCB Band, The Imperials, The Sweet Inspirations and lead vocalist Terry Mike Jeffrey.

Tickets for the spectacular shows in The Netherlands and Belgium go on sale next April 21st (exclusively for ElvisMatters Members) and on May 13th (for non-members). For more details on the tour go to our event section or the special 2008 Tour site.


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Viva Las Chris! wrote on April 16, 2008
Why not in the UK?
Peter @ ElvisMatters wrote on April 16, 2008
Hi Chris, How I wish we could go to the UK too. But none of the fanclub presidents I contacted was prepared to take the 'risk'. We're still open for shows in England, though! But being a Belgian based fanclub, we can't do it all by ourselves in the UK -- we need help from other promoters or fanclub prez... But the offer still stands!
benny scott wrote on April 16, 2008
I think the presidents of UK Fanclubs are wrong to be afraid. Those concerts have always been a sell-out, everywhere . The only risk (IMHO) is that they stand a chance to have to refuse people for those great events. In a couple of years ( or maybe sooner ) it could be too late to see and hear these fantastic musicians and backing vocalists who were the " backbones " during the shows of our beloved King. Always El.
JLpResLey wrote on April 16, 2008
I totally agree with benny scott. This tour came as a surprise to me, but seriously, how long can this show go on. A few more years, hopefully. I´m really dissapointed that norway was the only stop in scandinavia. Does anyone know if there´s an upcoming tour in Europe after this one?
BenHelmes wrote on April 16, 2008
This is great news, but on the poster is Ronnie Tutt listed as to be there. How is that possible, because Neil Diamond is then touring in America at the same time?
Peter @ ElvisMatters wrote on April 16, 2008
Hi Ben, I talked to Ronnie yesterday - it seems that the dates for Octobber with Neil have not been confirmed yet. The schedule changes on an almost daily basis. If there is a chance for him to join the Elvis Cast, he will be here, just like last year. If his commitmenst to Neil prevent him from coming to Europe, he will be replaced. As you know, Ron has been replaced for the Screen show and even the original Elvis shows too. It would be a real pitty - he still is by far THE best drummer in the world. So... let's keep our fingers crossed.
Pedro Nuno wrote on April 17, 2008
Does anyone know in what venues and dates the show will play in Paris or Milan? Thank you very much.
murthy wrote on April 17, 2008
Hello ! 9 October 08 in Paris at The Grand Rex if there are no changes. Enjoy. Tickets are still not available on-Line. Soon...
DSkopaz wrote on April 17, 2008
The show in Milan is on Sunday October 12 at the Conservatory of Music
DSkopaz wrote on April 24, 2008
Presale for show in Milan is now available. Booking before May 31 to take advantage of several benefits