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April Magazine Wrap Up

April 17, 2008 | Other
The March edition of the Norwegian Flaming Star magazine comes with a nicely designed five track promotional CD entitled "One Night With Elvis". Inside the glamorous looking magazine you find articles on Leiber And Stoller, revitalizing Elvis, a scandal Elvis couldn't hide, reviews, an article of Gart Brooks vs. Elvis on the number of recognized sales in the US and much more.

The April May edition edition of the official Elvis Presley fan club magazine featuring articles by and for fans on Elvis' movie magic, 10 years of FTD recordings (has it been that long already?), Elvis rocking Vancouver, Elvis in Thailan, Elvis gospel and more.

The Danish Elvis Unlimited magazine features an interview with Jimmy Velvet, a pretty complete overview of the latest releases, news, reviews and reports from the trips of the fan club president to several Elvis themed parties in the US, Elvis in Armenia and more.

For more information on these fan clubs, the magazines and subscriptions go to our magazine section for the details.


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