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American Glory

April 14, 2008 | Music

Due for release from the MxF label is their forth CD entitled "'American Glory!''. This CD contains the complete Midnight Show from December 06, 1975 MS as recorded at the Las Vegas, Hilton Hotel and part of the opening night of the same Season.

From the press release:

The concert is previously unreleased, here you have the opportunity to listen to a slice of the December ‘75 season without doubt one of the best moments of Elvis in 1975, the use of two great tapes make the rest. We are not talking of original tapes but due to the very good quality we are talking of two tapes came from an early generation copy of the master tapes. The audio-quality of the recording is really good, well balanced with not too heavy an audience intrusion and with the right feeling of an Elvis’ concert.

Elvis' performance in both the shows is superb; Elvis in spite of being overweight is still at the top of his musical ability, very intense and active on the stage. We are talking about one of his best seasons and very successful in terms of audience numbers considering that Las Vegas in December is a dead city, but not for Elvis. Both shows do not really have any low points as Elvis sings with intensity and delivers a solid repertoire, not too much space for the classic oldies but a more mature repertoire for the original rock singer with pop songs performed for the majority.

Among the highlights are powerful performances of "Polk Salad Annie", "America The Beautiful", "Burning Love", "Just Pretend" , while on Opening Night we have "It’s Midnight,” performed with absolute show-stopping brilliance and the rare version of “You’ve Lost the Love Feeling” and “ My Boy”.

The packaging will come with a 12 page booklet professionally edited, picture disc, relevant liner notes, original memorabilia and more than 15 photographs covering practically all of the seasons jumpsuits. These are two great shows... the package, the 79,52 minutes of superb music give us definitely something unique We Hope The Definitive one in reference to Elvis’ December 1975 Vegas Season. Don’t miss it!

CD Total Time 79.52 min.

December 06, 1975 Midnight Show:


01.2001 Theme; 1:08 02.C. C Rider; 3:25 03.I Got A Woman/Amen; 7:02 04. Love Me; 3:45 05. Fairytale; 4:41 06. And I Love You So; 4:09 07.All Shook Up; 1:00 08. Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel; 2:15 09. Hound Dog; 2:07 10. Happy Birthday; 0:37 11.Polk Salad Annie; 4:44 12. Introductions; 1:08 13.Johnny B. Good; 0:56 14.Drums Solo; 1:27 15.Bass Solo; 1:14 16. Piano Solo; 1:41 17. Hail, Hail Rock 'n' Roll; 1:02 18. Just Pretend; 3:57 19.How Great Thou Art; 3:02 20. Burning Love; 2:44 21.Softly As I Leave You; 2:44 22. America the Beautiful; 2:26 23. It's Now or Never; 3:07 24.Can't Help Falling in Love; 1:57

Time 62:30

December 02, 1975 Opening Show:

25. Big Boss Man; 2:52 26.It's Midnight; 3:23 27. Early Morning Rain; 2:52 28.You've Lost the Loving Feeling; 4:17 29: My Boy; 3:56

Time 17:52

Source:For CD Collectors Only
GeertFromNl wrote on April 14, 2008
This label has a bad reputation. Be aware!
Bryan wrote on April 14, 2008
Dont' agree with you, this label has wonderful releases "Time To Dare""sounds awesome from this label..so what do you mean by "bad reputation" and this release looks great too..
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on April 14, 2008
Is this an audience recording, does anyone know?
GeertFromNl wrote on April 14, 2008
Of course this is an audience recording. 'Heavy Times' (also released by this label) contained 2 shortened (edited) shows. No efforts were made to improve the sound quality. But their most weak release was 'Patch It Up'.
Ciscoking wrote on April 15, 2008
This label doesn´t match the quality of the top labels like Straight Arrow. Heavy Times was nothing with the shows being shortened without mentioning at all so that they fit onto one disc...cheap work. The present show has been released last year by a no name label as Fairytale In Vegas as Dinner Show (!!!! ) so there`s no need for this one at all..superfluous as can be. Midnight Show is the correct date, however.. Anyway..bad research....typical ...
Bryan wrote on April 15, 2008
"Time To Dare" from this label is outstanding, even better then " desert storm" which was in- complete,and on this X label complete and better sounding. so what do you mean that this label isn't releasing any good cd-releases...... so about this cd?...don't judge a book by it's cover,hear first..then judge..jeeezzz
GeertFromNl wrote on April 15, 2008
How can be an average audience recording better sounding than a soundboard??? On "Time To Dare" 'Also Sprach Zarathustra','C. C. Rider' and 'I Couldn't Live Without You' were taken from an audience recording!!! What is laughable is that 'I Couldn't Live Without You' was freely avaiable in soundboard quality on K.F.'s site for years. They were just too lazy to steal that.
Bryan wrote on April 16, 2008
Geert, I don't really get your point.."Time To Dare" sounds great!! don't tell me otherwise, i've been a collector for many years, i can tell diffrence when i hear it "Time To Dare" is completely awesome..not bad in anyway...also the artwork is so much better than " desert storm"..please don't go into battle with me about this..stop trashing these MFX people...
VEGAS74 wrote on April 16, 2008
Bryan......Time to dare, Artwork is so much better? ...dont think so! The booklet say,s "they are from private shots of fans who attended the show"..."The two piece leather suit was used in this specific closing night"....wrong! Elvis had on his mad tiger suit on that night!!....Talk about bad research! and totaly misleading to any new fans. this was chucked together just to make a quick buck. you said "Dont judge a book by its cover" well its the only thing you got right about this cds. by the way....i was at the show.
Bryan wrote on April 17, 2008
VEGAS74, so you think i now have to agree with you,because you say the "Artwork" is not good. i'm sorry i think it's good, and btw i didn't have much pictures of that two-piece suit anyway but still the artwork is better then " Desert Storm" maybe they got a few mistakes regarding the suit.. mistakes happen..no big deal..i'm glad to have this cd..not being sorry whatsoever for buying.. there are many other bad releases from other import labels..don't get me started..
Ciscoking wrote on April 17, 2008
Even the setlist is not correct,..it`s a turkey....it is C-R-A-P....
VEGAS74 wrote on April 17, 2008
Bryan, Not asking you to agree with me...(that would be a pointless task!) yeh the pics are great and i am sure all the fans like them as well! but to say that they "are" from the show proves the reputation of MXF. It may not be a"big deal to you" but to most collectors it is! As for getting you started....why would i do a silly "LITTLE" thing like that?????????
ryanking wrote on April 17, 2008
there is something wrong with the set list it is wrong he sang on night and mystery train/tigerman dont know where they have got all shook up ,hound dog,how great thou art and its now or never unless the date is wrong
Bryan wrote on April 18, 2008
ok VEGAS74 i have to agree with you this time : ) and about " don't get me started" was just a "joke" but hey..i really want to know more about you seeing Elvis Live i really want to hear that : )
VEGAS74 wrote on April 18, 2008
ok Bryan,....All is cool! The full account of the show i was at (2nd sept 74 closing show) can be found in the book "Desert Storm" The shattering of a myth! by Darrin Lee. I help him with the book, the second edition should be out soon. First i have to say that all you ever heard about that night (Elvis was high/ off his head etc) is a ton of BULL!! I was sat at the end of the ramp in the middle of the stage and saw "every" thing. Elvis just wanted to get some things off his chest that night because it was the last show of the season and thought it was time to let loose things that were bugging him! the show was fantastic! he looked great, sounded great,and his karate was brilliant!! the only thing Elvis was high on that night was adrenaline! Next time you hear "Desert Storm" think of what i have said and not the critics who were not even at the show!! and you will enjoy it more!!
Mark S. wrote on April 18, 2008
Hmmm, this appears to be the (incomplete) 10 pm show from December 11th, not the midnight show from December 6th...
benny scott wrote on April 18, 2008
I think it's great to read the reaction of someone who was there when it happened. Therefor i'm saying : thanks VEGAS74 for letting us know the truth ! It's a pitty that not all released import or regular CD's of the live-performances can benefit from a review by somebody who attended the concerned show or shows. Always El.
Bryan wrote on April 19, 2008
THANX vegas74, i really love your story, now i'm going to listen to "desert storm" with more pleasure! he was truly awesome that night...