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Cover Art Royal Gambit At Richfield

April 06, 2008 | Music

Here is the cover art for the upcoming "Royal Gambit In Richfield" release from the Straight Arrow label as recorded live at the Richfield Coliseum in Richfield, Ohio on October 23, 1976. This CD is due for release Spring 2008. Tracklisting: 01. Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme from "2001 A Space Odyssey") - 02. Opening Vamp / C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen (medley) - 04. Love Me - 05. Fairytale - 06. You Gave Me A Mountain - 07. Jailhouse Rock - 08. All Shook Up - 09. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel (medley) - 10. And I Love You So - 11. Little Darlin' (excerpt / intro only) - 12. Fever - 13. America The Beautiful - 14. Polk Salad Annie - 15. Band Introductions - 16. Early Mornin' Rain - 17. What'd I Say - 18. Johnny B. Goode - 19. Drum Solo (by Ronnie Tutt) - 20. Bass Solo (Blues - by Jerry Scheff) - 21. Piano Solo (by Tony Brown) - 22. Electric Piano Solo (by David Briggs) - 23. Love Letters - 24. School Day - 25. Hurt (with last part reprise) - 26. Hound Dog - 27. Danny Boy (by Sherrill Nielsen) - 28. Walk With Me (by Sherrill Nielsen) - 29. Heartbreak Hotel - 30. How Great Thou Art - 31. Mystery Train / Tiger Man (medley) - 32. Can't Help Falling In Love - 33. Closing Vamp & Announcements.

Ronaldv wrote on April 06, 2008
I like the cover. The picture is new to me.
Steve V wrote on April 06, 2008
theoldscudder wrote on April 07, 2008
How sad to see how this once handsome man had deterioatred at age 41. I'm sure this cd also documents the musical decline as well. This is yet another exploitive piece of S--T. As the song Blowing In The Wind states "when will they ever learn". Elvis fans will never & thus will gobble up this mess, I'm sorry to say.
Ciscoking wrote on April 07, 2008
fantastic cover, fantastic sound (I heard a sample and was blown away) and a good show, for sure the best of this tour, a very wise decision by the people from Straight Arrow to pick this show, well done!
GeertFromNl wrote on April 07, 2008
Nice cover,good show.
Bryan wrote on April 07, 2008
TheOldSCudder, my god.. you do love elvis don't you, when a new cd is released there's always one who has to be negative,makes me ill, show a little respect... yeezz. elvis was not bad at this concert, i know this concert he sounds awesome.. i allready have this cd in pre-order, the cover is fantastic , the music is awesome and this cd is fabulous and the soundquality really is that good..so everyone buy this cd, you won't regret it
Steve V wrote on April 07, 2008
Hey Bryan lighten up. I happen to agree with the old scudder. Why are Elvis fans always so blind to the damn truth and not face reality? You think Elvis looked good at 41, really? I think Mick Jagger looks better at his current age and Im not even a big Stones fan. I didnt like seeing my man, totally out of shape in a ridiculous jumpsuit with Beatle bangs for hair in 1976. Sorry! He should have been in rehab. As for the shows, its basically the same stuff over & over again. How can this be exciting? Cant wait to hear those blistering one minute versions of classic songs & Sherill Nielssen again huh? Elvis was an amazing speciman in the 50's & 60's, and cool to most of the world. To see how far he had fallen by the age of 40 was sad indeed. Yes we love Elvis thats why it hurts so much. Damn.
Jerome wrote on April 08, 2008
I gotta have this for the Little Darlin' excerpt / intro only!.. That's new to me..
Bryan wrote on April 09, 2008
Steve V... sure u agree with OldScudder no surpise there, i don't recall see many positive reactions from you, Elvis was sick, sad yeah, but did he do that on purpose? even though he was sick,he kept performing, not a wise thing to do maybe, but this was no bad performance in any way in 1976 his voice was strong,Elvis was elvis the 50's and 60 but also in the 70's.. do you compare Elvis to mick jagger?? Mick Jagger looked better then Elvis? well i'm sorry that guy never looked good,if elvis looked and would sing like that, i wouldn't be a Elvis Fan, i don't need the lighten up maybe u should, not everyone has to agree with u and scudder..
Kenneth wrote on April 09, 2008
I totally agree with you BRYAN them two are not true ELVIS fans and you put it to them nicely, good for you.
Harvey Alexander wrote on April 09, 2008
That track listing looks familiar... Oh yes, it's because it's just about the same as the 326 other audience recordings we have from this period. No thanks. I'd rather boil some cabbage.
Lefty wrote on April 09, 2008
I previously commented on the sound quality of this show, questioning the clarity of any audience recording. I barely escaped the flames the villagers tried to burn me with for that! I've never heard this show, and maybe the sound is fantastic? I may buy it just to find out for myself. I must admit that the more I think about this show, the more curious I become. What is so great about it? (In case you doubt, I love Elvis circa 1976. Just listen to Goodbye Memphis, and you'll know what I mean.) Elvis gives the mic to Sherrill Nielsen for Danny Boy and Walk With Me. What a disappointment! Sometimes, it seems like Elvis was a guest star at his own show.
RJ wrote on April 09, 2008
I can imagine folks being sceptical about this. Fact is however Elvis trimmed down compared to the awful summer and generally gave good concerts in Oct/Nov. Now add the great audio (heard a sample and it is really clear sound) and you might consider having this. Just skip the Nielsen stuff;)
Steve V wrote on April 09, 2008
Kenneth/Bryan - Cannot speak for the old scudder, but I have been there since 1956 and would put my Elvis collection up against anyone on this site. How dare you call me a non fan. Because Im honest & say I dont dig Elvis post Aloha as much as I did pre Aloha I am not a fan? A person cant be honest and still be a fan? cmon! Elvis was a mess in 1976 and a poor parody of his great former self. New Years Eve was OK but still wasnt that great, just great compared to the rest of the year. His records never again had the enthusiasm of 1969/1970. As for your Mick Jagger comment, looks who's got a major film out directed by Martin Scorsese and 31 years after Elvis is gone! I'm sure we would have loved this to be Elvis. I would have even been happy had Elvis gone the way of Orbsion in his last years. His last album was great and his work with the Willburys was fabulous. No, Elvis took the easy way out artisticly with these tours despite what you want to believe.
theoldscudder wrote on April 09, 2008
Bryan and all the rest of you blind loyalists. This non-fan is sitting here lovingly gazing at his 5 original Sun records and his autograph on an original 1957 Christmas album and laughing at some of these posts. Look, the way I sum up his career is, if you made a Column A of all the good songs and column B of all the not so good songs, in the 50's column A would be 100% full and colimn B 0% full. In the 60's both columns would be about equal due to the number of inferior soundtrack recordings. In the 70's, column B would be greater than column A. Thats just the way it is (no pun intended). Now let me spin some King Creole, while you spin The Last Farewell, Elvis Now, Raised On Rock, etc.
Bryan wrote on April 14, 2008
Scudder/Steve: first to steve..u think it was elvis's choice to tour all the time? the man was ill it was in the family..it wasn't his choice. Elvis had some great peformances in the 70's and also in 76. i think u want everyone to agree with your statements about his 76 performances. not going to happen. the man was ill in this time but yet he could deliver a hell of a performance. so i really laugh at your comments. hoping for everyone to agree. keep on dreaming. the man knew exactly what to do and he did just that and also know this u blind loyalists ( steve/scudder) i talked to his many friends and daughter and they told me elvis loved peforming right until the end but if u guys don't like it? your problem and his " PittsBurgh" performance was awesome. he also looked great..don't believe it? just listen to the audience they liked it and i'm wondering, why was every elvis concert ''sold out" because he was bad? NOT.... and Kenneth? THNX! we are friends, thanx for supporting me ; ) ( and many others)
Steve V wrote on April 15, 2008
Why was every concert sold out? Because of fans like you (and me at that time) who would pay to see Elvis even if he was wheeled out on stage singing flat on his back. The man was ill sure, all the more reason he should have been off the stage getting better. Why do you think Linda left? SHe knew what was happening. It was in his family? What, drug addiction? You guys can never open your eyes to the truth. Oh & by the way, 1 or 2 good concerts dont make up for a year of mostly bad ones. I was a blind loyalist in 1976 and went to read every out of town newspaper I could when I knew Elvis gave a concert there. The reviews would make even you think twice. It wasnt pretty. He looked great in Pittsburh compared to the rest of the year, yes, but not great for a young man of 41 . He looked ill.
Bryan wrote on April 18, 2008
Ok steve i agree with you again : ) no i didn't mean the drug addiction in his family ( elvis used only medicine) there wasn't any. i meant the "illness" in his family, he had a to big heart and a liver discease and Cancer, this was told to me by Charlie Hodge (rest in peace) he had tears in his eyes when he told me this,i will never forget this conversation with him on this..so that''s why elvis looked so ill..but yet he kept perfoming..but he had a strong voice in "76""not always. he was just human. thnx for your comment..really
Steve V wrote on June 04, 2008
LonnieBeale (very bad movie by the way) yes in 1975-77 I was one of those fans that would have seen ELvis had he appeared within my area. That was 30 yrs ago that I agreed with your statement! I was younger & didnt know about how bad his condition was. Had I known, I would not have attended these shows. I cant even listen to them today. I had tickets for Aug 22, 1977. If I had seen my idol in that condition I would have been very sad.