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Baby Let's Play A Quiz

April 09, 2008 | Music
Thanks to DJ Spankox you can win a signed copy of his "Re: Version" of Elvis' classic "Baby Let's Play House". All you have to do is answer the question who wrote the song.
You can enter the quiz through our frontpage.

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Steve V wrote on April 09, 2008
I wonder how this would do in the US charts if released. The Euro public seems to like it.
Lex wrote on April 10, 2008
I don't even think about it... imagine that I'd win.... brrrr don't want to be found dead with it!
Brian Quinn wrote on April 10, 2008
I already have a copy of this record and it is fantastic. It has sold well wherever it has been officially released. As I have stated many times before - remixes are the future for Elvis' recorded legacy.
Harvey Alexander wrote on April 10, 2008
'Baby Let's Play House' was written by Barry Manilow. Do I lose? Yes? Good. Brian, please stop talking out of your elbow.