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April 04, 2008 | Other

With our previous QuickPoll we wanted to have your opinion on our new feature in the Songbase. 88 percent of you (the voters) thought it was great to be able to comment on the songs Elvis' recorded.

For our new poll we get back to Elvis. With all the budget releases in Europe and the recent "Inspirations" compilation CD using Elvis' name and picture on a CD without the inclusion of a single performance by our man we want to know if you think Elvis' name has become a commodity everyone can use to make a few bucks.

Lex wrote on April 04, 2008
Funny that almost none of those 88% takes the effort to give their opinion ;-)
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on April 04, 2008
My opinion is that they are all trying to make Money off of the name and and anything else that is attached to Elvis Presley, and that includes BMG for overcharging on the price of their FTD label for music that was recorded 30 to 40 years ago
Mofoca22 wrote on April 04, 2008
i think its a travesty and a done wrong much like that viva las vegas soundtrack a freaken rip off. start selling elvis not other artists using elvis's name.
Kenneth wrote on April 04, 2008
where i am we don't have the 50 yr thing so we get ELVIS, hayride ELVIS at low prices at walmart which don't count on useless billboard anything else find it somewhere online and then find your bank account empty.
Kenneth wrote on April 05, 2008
LEX, can you tell me where and how i can comment on the songs? i'm just a stupid CANADIAN, give me a break.. please.
CharlieRogers wrote on April 05, 2008
Like Kenneth I can't see how to leave comments on songs but maybe this is because I am a simple Englishman! I personally think that you would get more response/participation from polls if the questions were more thought provoking or stimulating and not what sometimes amount to "no-brainer" questions! The use of Elvis' name to sell product is not new and celebrity names will continue to be used to make a quick buck period. There is nothing wrong in this per sae and although it is rather galling Elvis is not alone in this commercial use/abuse of his name. As EPE own the rights to his name I can only assume that they authorise every commercial use of it…surely this is where the problem lies! Now what about poll questions like “Do you think Graceland should be placed in the hands of an American equivalent to the British National Trust ensuring future generations of fans have access to his former home?”, or “Should FTD start releasing Elvis interviews/press conferences along the lines of the boot ‘All That I Am’?”, or dare I suggest “Which material would you most like to see released on the FTD label”; I unfortunately missed the poll asking “The American Way series is the kind of series the FTD label should release” but I have to say I personally strongly agree with this thinking, however the question presupposes that we know what The American Way series is; I do now but I didn’t a few months ago so perhaps the question could have been written slightly better! I would love to hear other people’s thoughts and suggestions regarding future polls! By the way why not try something I have started to do recently which is just picking up a stack of FTD cds and listening to them on my computer (with a decent set of headphones) while working and surfing…I have been very pleasantly surprised! ”All Shook Up” sounds fantastic, as does the playful “Closing Night” and “Southern Nights” has a brilliant mix of unusual songs on it which really work well on headphones, as does the boot “Café Europa”, I wonder whether FTD will ever get around to releasing this soundtrack in this sort of format ie every take of every song plus the in between take banter??
Lex wrote on April 05, 2008
It's simple... just go to the songbase (Encyclopedia), follow the link to a particular song and there is - just like here - a give your opinion link. You can also reach the songs through the links in tracklistings (in e.g. the shop).
R.T. wrote on April 05, 2008
Let's more people make a living then just a handfull of miljonairs!
Natha wrote on April 05, 2008
CharlieRogers, I am doing that type of listening a lot as I put all my CDs as MP3 on my computer. Only one problem. I tend to listen too much and stop working altogether. This I always have when I listen to ELVIS. To respond to songs is great if you feel like. Gives us some time Lex to get used to your new feature. Fools rush in. Well thought over is better than aone in the spur of the moment.