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Madonna To Beat Elvis' Record

March 31, 2008 | Music
Madonna will trump Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Michael Jackson this week, if her latest single lands in the U.S. top ten, giving her her 37th Top 10 hit. "4 Minutes", her collaboration with Justin Timberlake, is hotly tipped to reach the top ten, which will lift her above Elvis Presley, who made the top ten 36 times in his career. The Beatles stand third in the all-time list, with 34, ahead of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson on 28.
Mofoca22 wrote on March 31, 2008
why wouldnt she? shes been ful of controversey all her life which makes people want to see what its about. wacko jacko people cant stand him cuz of his love for little boys. elvis has been dead nearly 31 years now for his record to stand this long shows how great he was and still is. its a shame the record is being broken by a dirty pig though. one who cant even sing for that matter.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on March 31, 2008
records are made to be broken, but there is only ONE sideburns darling.
RonD wrote on March 31, 2008
There's an error here! Billboard's Top Singles publication identifies each of Elvis' 38 Top Ten Singles commencing with Heartbreak Hotel and ending with Burning Love. If Madonna is about to pass Elvis here in the states then she must have 39 top ten hits not 37. By the way Billboard mentions that Elvis had 30 Top Ten Hits in a row more than any other artist or group.
Sean Ryan wrote on March 31, 2008
No one cares about the US Billboard charts any more.They are all rigged.Madonna wont beat Elvis' UK chart record thats for sure cause thats the real one ; )
My boy, my boy wrote on March 31, 2008
I have no objections with Madonna breaking any Elvis' records she wants. She was meant to be a huge star, just like Elvis was...and she's been around for long enough !
mak1965 wrote on April 01, 2008
Elvis has Been Gone since 1977 SO Wouldn't ya think that his records will be broken many times? BUT the quality of basically any of these artists are no where near Elvis. Said and done!
Paul Reno wrote on April 01, 2008
They are so many new record hits, beating just about everything from the Beatles to Elvis. Congratulations to Madonna, but I don't think Elvis Presley and his fans need to worry. The charts have been dominated by Elvis re-releases and good remixes which show the diversity Elvis has achieved. I would have never thought "A little Less Conversation" could have been a worldwide hit, but it was. Every 'rare' unknown Elvis song could easily do that.
genedin wrote on April 01, 2008
it does help that justin one of todays hottest stars is on it with her. like we said before sucess is one thing ,stardom is another and madonna althought great will never be a elvis like icon.
Kenneth wrote on April 01, 2008
CAN someone out there explain to me the difference between, as an example, harry ft. mary #1 cd. and/ or harry and mary #1 cd. are they both not duets?. so many #1 cd's have two names listed yet only one person gets the credit as which seems to be the situation here. i just don't get it.
PRESYER wrote on April 01, 2008
Madonna, moi, j'm'adonne pas! Elvis is first, always first, no matter what, no matter how, no matter when! Period!
Ruthie wrote on April 01, 2008
Good for Madonna. She works hard so I guess she deserves it. However, whoever made the statement that she is a star now but not an icon is so right! Stars come & go - true artists/icons remain forever. Elvis' music can be found in elementary school text books & in the culture section of today's college libraries. I don't think Madonna or Justin will make it that far!
Steve V wrote on April 01, 2008
Madonna is the most overrated star of all time. With a very limited voice , she marketed her way into stardom thru being outrageous. She lip synchs her way thru shows and does not belong in the R&R Hall of Fame in my opnion. This 'record' means nothing. The charts are totally manipulated today and dont reflect real sales.
bigboyvince wrote on April 01, 2008
With over 50% of the people out there on pot, acid, or heaven knows what; I can imagine anyone having a hit record and being a star nowadays. Let's see madonna record a gospel album and sell a million copies. Maybe I should record my dog when he's breaking wind.
Brian Quinn wrote on April 01, 2008
In my opinion, Madonna is a no talent entertainer - period. In Show Business there are two types of performers one for whom SHOWbusiness is appropriate e.g. Elvis and one for whom showBUSINESS is appropriate e.g. Madonna. She can break as many records as she likes but she will never approach Elvis' level of fame or historical importance.
JerryNodak wrote on April 01, 2008
Better Madonna than some no talent rapper, crapper.
Kenneth wrote on April 02, 2008
can anyone answer my question which is below?.
Devon wrote on April 04, 2008
Sorry to say it but it is going to happen so might as well be someone who has some talent!!!
sivle3 wrote on April 05, 2008
Again if we want the popular lie here it is for you to make copies and call friends. The truth is so much different the highlight of the kings career was 1956-58 he was king of the singles with unstoppable staying power and none of these have even been brought up damn do something you people who officaly represent him. I am not talking about this site and why in the world does all the other charts he spent so many weeks on not counted. not just that they have changed the rules so much that its like elvis bowling against madonna him hitting 6 strikes in a row, then madonna bowling knocking down 2-3 pins each time but taking 20 turns to do it and saying well I beat him I knocked more pins down of coarse if you bend the rules enough you can make who yo want number one. The people who represent him need to get off their behinds and certify count and get some real meaningful numbers submitted instead of having some little golf clap ceremony and treating us like children and saying well at least we know he is number 1. This is like talking to a 5 year old child that he is still the winner even though he lost his softball game. Lord I am going to have a stroke at 30.
Kenneth wrote on April 05, 2008
madonna might have tied ELVIS but she did not pass him and i have the billboard books to prove it also epe site should be read, they say it all and just what does collaboration with justin timberlake mean?? a duet? i have not heard this song i have an awful time putting out money for her or is it them.ELVIS records command as much if not more than todays top artists, this after being gone for 31 yrs. says it all for me.
sivle3 wrote on April 06, 2008
Again why must we go through this she has not even tied his record the records kept by the estate by rca and tom parker is so bad that it is exactly right to challenge these false records claimed, or hell at least explain that there were things he never ever got credit for how about all the other charts those don't count why? cause those might actually give you a well rounded idea of the truth. Something has to be done. I am absolutely sick of this you know what!
sivle3 wrote on April 06, 2008
This is to kenneth do I understand this correctly the song that is gonna take the record is a duet? If this is true this is down right forgery, well I can say no more on this subject I have not already said sorry guys if you got tired of reading all my post I just want him to get what he deserves.
ext_mnx wrote on April 08, 2008
I have an interesting history from myself: A few years before, a store give me a cd from pariah carey; and sure, pariah carey, her old company, this store and billboard used this gift as a trick and put it as a sale. And I was so angry that I destroyed it. The cd from pariah carey was a cd single what a trash }: ( I want a Elvis Presley cd