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Divas Break Elvis' Records

April 02, 2008 | Other

Two leading ladies, Mariah Carey and Madonna, leapfrog over Elvis Presley in the Billboard charts record book this week. As expected, Mariah Carey moves past Elvis Presley and into sole possession of second place for most No. 1s in the rock era, as "Touch My Body" soars 15-1 on the Billboard Hot 100 to become her 18th chart-topper. "Body's" blast to No. 1 is fueled by a record-setting debut week digital tally of 286,000 downloads.

Presley will also be nudged from his standing as the artist with the most top 10s in the rock era, as Madonna surpasses him with her 37th top 10, "4 Minutes." Previous to the establishment of the Billboard Hot 100 in 1958, the industry standard chart was the Best Sellers in Stores tally, where Presley scored his first 12 top 10s.

Updated: Mariah Carey has reacted humbly after scoring her 18th US number one, beating the 17 achieved by Elvis Presley. Playing down her achievement, she explained: "I really can never put myself in the category of people who have not only revolutionised music but also changed the world. That's a completely different era and time... I'm just feeling really happy and grateful." The 38-year-old said her success was particularly satisfying because it struck a blow for women and minorities. ...

elviskid80 wrote on April 02, 2008
Divas What A laugh. There No Divas Try Cher Or Ciline Dion If You Want The Real Divas . An This Crap Is A Laugh Too .Those Two Couldn't Sing If They Tried. I Personally Think Mariah Whatever Sounds Like A Mouse .And Madaonna Sounds Like A Tone deaf Mule. This Is Simply Rediculas. You Want To Give The Spot ToSomeone Fine But Give It To Real Talent Not Theese Idiots.
Sirbalkan wrote on April 02, 2008
Guys we must do something!!!!
Viva wrote on April 02, 2008
Trouble is when Billboard uses such questionable methods to calculate the charts, Elvis will have no chance. It's who Billboard want on the charts who appear there, not those who genuinely have earned their place.
Ruthie wrote on April 02, 2008
Although most people will agree that neither "diva" has the talent that Presley had, I wouldn't be too concerned about this "revelation" that they have surpassed him. For one thing, we have to acknowledge that both performers are talented, obviously someone out there likes their music. However, because you are a big seller now doesn't mean you will last. Many big sellers have come & gone. They will not be selling millions 30 yrs after they are gone. That's the difference between a "diva" and a true artist. You can't compare a current big seller with a cultural & musical icon. Regardless of Billboard or who is making the claim, you can't argue with facts & figures. Someone else will come along to knock Madonna & Carey off their thrones, but Elvis & his music will still be around.
Spankox wrote on April 02, 2008
You are right, Ruthie. Anyway there's a chance that Elvis with leapfrog Madonna and Carey if SonyBMG US and EPE will do a good job with my "Baby Let's Play House" Re:Version that I signed with them last week in New York and Elvis fans support the track and the other 10 songs from the Re:Versions album... Italian Elvis fans have been great (and I'm thanking all of them) as they've been keeping Elvis at the n.1 spot of the official singles chart for 7 weeks, setting a new record...
genedin wrote on April 02, 2008
does the billboard top 40 book account for anything? in that book in 1992 it states elvis has 18 number ones ,so she is not tied.and he has 38 top 10 which means madonna needs one more to stie him.but it doesnt matter elvis is elvis no matter what. and since when is madonna even rock?
Devon wrote on April 02, 2008
There is nothing to say they will never come close to the KING.......NEVER!!!!
sivle3 wrote on April 02, 2008
Again this is wrong and everybody knows it. The rerelease of singles in the USA and UK went number #1 for a second time putting him over 20 charted of course if there is anyway to rob the king of his rightful place at #1, then no doubt it will be done. What is never mentioned which of all sites this one should highlight the fact that 1956-58 Elvis hit the #1 spot 12 times before billboard was published. When they said Garth Brooks was the top selling solo artist of all time it was so false and trumped up he didn't even believe it and sure enough it was exposed the king not brooks was indeed the biggest selling solo artist of all time. I will make this bet I am 30 and about 3 weeks old when Elvis died, my baby girl is six and 30 years after these divas are dead she want even know their names much less know enough info to discuss it but I bet Elvis fans will always be here as long as there is music Elvis will always be the king!
Mofoca22 wrote on April 02, 2008
sivle3 elvis will be remebered long after wer are all dead and gone he will be mentioned in the same breath as beethoven and mozart
ext_mnx wrote on April 03, 2008
Elvis Presley forever and ever!!!!!
elviskid80 wrote on April 03, 2008
Maybe If We All Keep Buying The New Releses And Make Him #1 Again. Ive Been Buying Everything I Can Find And Giving Them Away To Kids And Teens To Learn About Him .Just So He Will Be #1 Again And So They Will Learn What Real Music Is Instead Of The Crap They Call Music Nowadays .And Yet Nothing Still Not #1 Ill Keep Buying Till He Is TCB.
Palle wrote on April 03, 2008
Yeah, great - let's all go out or online and buy the re-re-re-re-re-re-rereleases for the zillionth time ...what a fantastic idea; if BMG ever had a 'brainstorming department' then they can close that down, because us, Elvis fans, are finally going to agree on buying all the re-releases cr**
japio wrote on April 03, 2008
What a joke. How do can compaire. It was a different time in the 50's and 60's. But do we have heard the last few years of these "howlin' wolfs"
EspenK wrote on April 03, 2008
Ooooh, feel the hate, the HATE! Us Elvis-fans sure are a honorable bunch, oh yes. No signs of grumpy old men with no real world connection here, oh no, no way. Congrats to Mariah and Madonna, you've both kept your career going through three decades now, with each your ups and downs. But through it all you both kept your focus on the mainstream, aiming for the mass audience. Just like our man Elvis. The world needs artists like you, that stays on top when others are consumed and spit out of the rear never to be seen on the music scene again.
sivle3 wrote on April 03, 2008
Everybody says we should do something and I agree see my previous post.  The thing to do is bombard the hell out of certain companies that represent Elvis and get them to come out and at the very least put something somewhere written television ect. Even if it just somes facts you and I have put foward you people that say we need to do something I am all ears this is pathetic just to watch him get thrown to the wolves after he gave his fans all he had. I am 30 and after saving every spare penny to buy autographs I feel an obligation to give him something back. again bombard all his official reps with emails you know who they are I can't name the names here but iyts obvious who to send them to.
Steve V wrote on April 03, 2008
What do u expect companies to do or come out with? Elvis has been gone almost 31 years and people still expect him to be on the charts!! Amazing. I think its time to be realistic here. Even if he gets another #1, the record will be broken again by someone at sometime. Be happy for the legacy he's given us & enjoy it. Does this really bother you that much? geezz. Im just hoping for any new DVDs we dont already have like On Tour, etc to make me happy.
Ruthie wrote on April 03, 2008
I really admire the dedication of my fellow fans. However, we can't do this alone. It would help if EPE would concentrate more on the music & FINALLY get around to releasing Elvis on Tour on DVD, rather than all the attention they give to the mostly trashy products they keep pushing down our throats!
jean michel wrote on April 03, 2008
rejoyce ! E1 is back ti number 1 in the country catalog chart ; let's see what those ladies can do chartwise 30 years from now.
RonD wrote on April 03, 2008
Elvis has 18 number one hits on the Billboard Chart List which I'm viewing while writing my comments. She's tied Elvis and needs one more to pass him.
samcra wrote on April 03, 2008
At least Mariah Carey had the decency to say... "I really can never put myself in a category of people who revolutionized music but also changed the world". All the records can be broken, but, all of these singers put together can never be ELVIS!!!
My boy, my boy wrote on April 03, 2008
This "Ruthie" makes sooooo much sense ! :p
Kenneth wrote on April 04, 2008
I think you people should read article on this on epe official site, i just did and it gives facts and figures, very interesting stuff.
king35 wrote on April 04, 2008
Hello everyone, I'm new on here since today. I agree with what "steve v" posted back on April 3rd, Elvis has been gone 31 years, that's a mighty long time, and you can't expect somebody to maintain something if there not here. Sure, BMG/RCA could do something about it in his (Elvis's) place but, it's rehashing the same old stuff over & over again. So the only way to maybe do that is to continue to do more of the remixes which in turn will appeal to the younger generation which is mostly who...is buying the stuff of "Madonna" & "Meriah Carey". The remixes sold, and even though myself wasn't a big fan of them and preferr the originals, I think they would draw more of the younger generation.
Kenneth wrote on April 04, 2008
lonnie beale, i agree with you totally about the quality of the music but in my part of the world, ONTARIO, CANADA this news is huge and i feel i have to try to right a wrong it's not about record company's it's the principle of the thing. i have the same copy of billboard that ron d has plus others that clearly show ELVIS with 18 #1's. she tied him as did madonna, like i said this is huge news here childish as it sounds but it big news and no records were broken.
Bryan wrote on April 05, 2008
just for the record.. Elvis had 18th number 1 hits in the USA, so Mariah didn't beat Elvis and also he had 40 top-ten hits, so Madonna did beat Elvis with her 37th top-ten hit?... NOOOO!! just go to the official Elvis Website from Graceland, go to the news-section and read all about it...
Kenneth wrote on April 05, 2008
Thank you lonnie beale for being a decent person, i think we all know that ELVIS' records will be broken as will the BEATLES, i just want it to be legit which isn't the case now.
Kenneth wrote on April 06, 2008
Thank you jack409, i think you have finally opened peoples eyes to what really goes on with the billboard charts. as another example the BEATLES 1969 single COME TOGETHER/ SOMETHING were listed as separate chart entries with both failing to reach #1 and both falling down the chart, billboard then changed it's method of compiling the chart which then brought both songs together as one and that then enabled both to reach #1 which they failed to do individualy. billboard's timing is very suspicious to say the least.
king35 wrote on April 07, 2008
Very nice article you dug up there "jack4909", I've heard of this "play-for-play" scam before and never gave it too much thought, kinda makes you wonder. When did this article first come out by chance?
ext_mnx wrote on April 08, 2008
I have an interesting history from myself: A few years before, a store give me a cd from pariah carey; and sure, pariah carey, her old company, this store and billboard used this gift as a trick and put it as a sale. And I was so angry that I destroyed it
ext_mnx wrote on April 08, 2008
The cd from pariah carey was a cd single what a trash }: ( I want a Elvis Presley cd
Kenneth wrote on April 08, 2008
jack409, i want you to know that what i said about the BEATLES below came from direct quotes by FRED BRONSON, billboards chart and trivia hero, but i think you already know that. keep up the excellent work you are doing, both billboard and riaa need to be exposed.
ext_mnx wrote on April 08, 2008
billboard sounds a joke! But seriously, thanks to paria carey, Elvis Presley goin to number 1 again ... and guess ... ;) Viva Elvis Presley
ext_mnx wrote on April 08, 2008
the trick so crap from pariah carey is revealed from a reader: "Mariah Carey’s victory over Elvis in the US this week is not all it’s cracked up to be. One of her fansites ran a contest and offered prizes for those who downloaded “Touch My Body” from Itunes and internet sites. Fans were instructed to take a screen print or proof of purchase and email them to the webmaster. They were then entered into the lottery and then they said, the more songs you downloaded, the better your chances to win. In addition, they were also instructed to loop videos and vote for them incessantly on MTV, VH1 and BET. They were also told to call radio even if they did not live in the city the station was in. I think this is unjust as Elvis did not have that advantage back in his day and yet he accomplished so much. It’s also unjust for artists especially newcomers who do no have such fansites out there. It is especially troubling that these prizes were given to the fan site by Carey’s camp. She is soon to "beat the Beatles" and again they were a diffrent era where #1s were much harder to attain. Something must be done! This is most certailnly an unfair victory and sad. "
ext_mnx wrote on April 09, 2008
Very well words, I hope that the elvis´s fans think and do the same think. I can do it but I read the other sites and are more worries for made money and defend other interest than show the reality. The only good thing was to know: thanks to pariah carey our Elvis Presly get several number ones. And the elvis´s clubs defend pariah carey wath a laugh from me for example: the groups of groups of msn. One site of poll very good for to know results is something that begin with whatthe and ends with nationthinks and is british and very good and now elvis have the first place with 3 votes But I count and Elvis Presley have 20# number ones. And I count and the same think and I made downloads. And is good to made the tricks ... what a bad I am ... Thanks for your words