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24 Karat Gold Piano For Sale

April 04, 2008 | Other
According to a press-release from Mercury Communications Elvis' 24 karat piano is for sale.

From the press-release:

A rare piece of Rock n' Roll memorabilia is now on the market for the very first time. The buzz around this unique offering has set the international memorabilia world into a tailspin, as collectors are lining up to make their competitive bids. So far the decision has been made to offer the Elvis piano privately, yet all the famous auction houses are foaming at the bit to have a chance to administer the sale.

For more information and details, or if you plan to write about the piano, please feel free to contact us at Mercury Communications.
Source:Elvis Information Network
Harvey Alexander wrote on April 04, 2008
Aren't press releases a load of bollox. Are you in a tailspin? No, neither am I. Next fast-buck merchant, please.
sivle3 wrote on April 05, 2008
I really wish graceland would have purchased it from the people who loned it to them all those years that was one of my favorite things to show friends when I would take. to graceland the last 4 or 5 times I was there they have had a white one and a black one in the music room. Well I don't have the money to buy it. I am just thankful for the fact that it was there the first time I went, it was beautiful any body know what its going for or the starting price out of curiosity
Sirbalkan wrote on April 05, 2008
Graceland HAS TO HAVE IT!!!!!!