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Todd Morgan Memorial Service Update

March 25, 2008 | People
The memorial service for EPE's Todd Morgan is set for April 1 at 6 PM in Memphis at the University of Memphis. Elvis Unlimited posted some details on the service. Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley will not be in attendance., they will sent personal messages which will be shown at the memorial. Joe Guercio is directing the service and among many other guests, the Imperials have been asked to sing at the service for Todd.
Source:Elvis Unlimited
al shookup wrote on March 26, 2008
As expected...neither of the two'ladies' could be bothered to put themseves out for a very loyal emplayee of many years' standing. Perhaps there wasn't a buck to be made?
Ruthie wrote on March 26, 2008
Did it ever occur to you that there are conflicts & appointments that coincide with funeral services & other important events in life? That is the way it is in the real world, particularly in the business world, and some conflicts just have to be accepted. I've been in that position & it is really too bad but, again, that is just the way it is. It is not always about money. Elvis never made it to many funerals for people he admired & was criticized for it, that the fact he would cause a scene was not a valid excuse. Bottom line here is that Todd would understand.
hounddawgs6499 wrote on March 26, 2008
Right on Ruthie!! In addition to possible conflicts and appointments and scheduling (which occurs in real life - and, yes, Priscilla and Lisa are no exception to it), also keep in mind that the Memorial Service is for Todd Morgan. Plus, it wouldn't be fair for Priscilla and Lisa to attend - only to be subjected to a bunch of people staring at them. While my opinions about Priscilla are neutral, I respect her decision. Let's be fair - Priscilla and Lisa would be getting crucified no matter what they did. I agree - Todd would understand if Priscilla and Lisa both already had things and their schedule(s) and were not able to attend. Priscilla and Lisa did the right thing in sending personal messages - to be shown at the memorial.
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 26, 2008
Perhaps this isn't the time or place to bring this up, but then again when else could it be mentioned? I'd love to know why Todd Morgan had Elvis Gold Records hanging on the wall of his office presented to him by EPE, and yet Scotty Moore has never been presented with any Gold Records from anybody. Anyone care to comment? Sensible replies only, please.
carolynlm wrote on March 26, 2008
How do you know that Lisa and Priscilla haven't visited the family privately? Lisa can't go out and have a quiet meal with her family without the photographers, so how on earth would she be able to go to Todd's Memorial service and it not turn into a three ring circus. It doesn't matter what these two ladies do, there will always be some idiot who will want to bring them down. As far as Scotty not having any gold records, maybe this is not the time or the place to bring this up. A letter to EPE would be the right way to go.