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Sam Phillips Stamp?

March 24, 2008 | People

Our friends at Elvis Unlimited are supporting a petition for a Sam Phillips Commemorative U.S. Postage Stamp and we wholeheartly join their support. Liz Scott started the petition and we ask you to think of signing it!

Source:Elvis Unlimited

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Jerome wrote on March 24, 2008
Stamp Phillips?..
GeertFromNl wrote on March 24, 2008
He destroyed most of the Sun-outtakes,so instead of an own stamp he would deserve a slap in the face... Of course it's not possible because he's already dead.
Steve V wrote on March 24, 2008
Yes its true he destroyed some great tapes, but look at what he did do. Produce some of the greatest music & artists ever. Plus he was one of the few who got the most out of Elvis in the studio. I agree with the stamp!
Lex wrote on March 24, 2008
So what? He destroyed tapes with material that was not good enough for release at the time, to reuse them for good material. Nobody could predict those silly Elvis fans would want to buy that inferior material.
GeertFromNl wrote on March 24, 2008
How about a Marion Keisker stamp? She was the person who discovered Elvis,after all. "Keisker was alone in the office of Sun Records,when Elvis recorded his first two songs: "My Happiness" and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin"." (Wikipedia)
Devon wrote on March 24, 2008
Why Hell yes!!!! you bet he is the one who took Elvis and help bring the best out of him, ( they need a scotty and bill stamp also)
benny scott wrote on March 24, 2008
Who says it was Sam who destroyed some tapes ? If i'm not mistaken : when RCA paid Sam Philips 40.000 USD to have Elvis on their label it was also on condition that Sam should hand over all the available Sun-tapes. Most of the interesting Sun-outtakes-tapes and even Master-tapes got lost or were destroyed during the time they were in RCA's possession. So who's to blame ? Give the man a personised stamp, he deserves it a 1000 times. And yes, why not Scotty and Bill too ?
My boy, my boy wrote on March 25, 2008
Lex, you are a little harsh. Haven't you ever thought that Elvis "had" to rehearse his songs become coming up with a final product ? So every take he did for every song he cut was part of what we call a process that led to what wound on his LP's. Therefore, the numerous takes he made from the sessions are not "inferior materiel" like you said, since they represent what allowed Elvis and his musicians to create some of his hit records, by the way. I am not a big fan myself of outtakes but I totally understand those who enjoy listening to those tapes since they show Elvis's ability to never sing a song the same way twice and what was the path that led them to take the version they kept at the end.
GeertFromNl wrote on March 25, 2008
He constantly recorded over tapes to save a few dollars... It's a well-known story.
Loesje wrote on March 25, 2008
Geert, he also gave an unknown local boy a chance...
Andy_Fish wrote on March 25, 2008
He brought Elvis to the world, so yes to the stamp. Also, don't know where else to ask this but i'm going to Mephis in October and it's my first time. Can anybody suggest a place to stay that's not too expensive but is not too far from Graceland? . Any help appreciated.
Natha wrote on March 25, 2008
Retrospectively one may feel bad about his way of handling the tapes. However in those days the prices were notibly more than nowadays and taking his small business in account we should understand the choices. The pressure on the materials is exceedingly high due to the untimely death of the Undisputed King. Let's be happy he did his wonderful share in presenting ELVIS to the world.
Andy_Fish wrote on March 25, 2008
Of course i meant Memphis...........
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on March 25, 2008
Sam is a Pioneer Just Like Davy Crocket and yes he deserves a stamp. He helped make all of our lives just a little bit better because he could see across racial lines log before it was the right thing to do. Rest in Peace Sam You were a good man. PS i love staying at your little piece of the Holiday Inn.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on March 25, 2008
To all of those who want to takes pokes at Sam, just picture this take Sam and his ideas out of the Picture in 1951 and try to immagine which way the music would have gone. It wasnt Just Elvis but a long like of Black and white artists that rode the Sam C Phillips train to stardom.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on March 25, 2008
And to those who may or may not know Sam taped over many of the recorded tunes because money was tight back then and small people had to scramble to make a dollar or to re-cycle to say alive. Sam made most of his fortune but buying stock in a new company called Holliday Inn.
japio wrote on March 25, 2008
If he wasn't there with the sun studio,then was no Elvis,Roy orbison,Carl Perkins,Jerry Lee lweis Charlie Rich,Johnny Cash and many others.They all started their career at sun,So in mine opinion he deserves it.He gave these guys a change.In short. No Sam Phillips,No Sun records No Elvis, and others.
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 25, 2008
Does Sam Phillips deserve to be on a stamp? Is the Pope a Catholic? Hell YES!!!