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March 28, 2008 | Other

ElvisNews will probably be offline for a couple of hours later today, early tomorrow. Our hosting service is moving to a new (faster) data centre. They promised us the work will take 24 hours at max. So please don't panic, we'll be back!

FJE wrote on March 28, 2008
What?! 24 hours without ElvisNews?! That's worse than 24 years without the official site!!
Mofoca22 wrote on March 28, 2008
you better not be putting us on you better be back in less than 24 hours lol
Marlena wrote on March 30, 2008
hurra!!! ElvisNews come back!
Kenneth wrote on April 01, 2008
ON a more serious note, ELVIS NEWS truly puts E.P.E. site to shame, i rarely visit it but visit this site every night. in my opinion ELVIS NEWS is second to none.