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More On "George Klein's" Duet Tapes

March 24, 2008 | Other

Ernst said that 'George Klein has already approached SONY/BMG on this issue. We have told him that we are not interested in buying his tape, as we already paid for these sessions and have the tapes ourselves. I don't understand why Mr. Klein brings up this issue again. Obviously all rights are with SONY/BMG and the various singers'. This is in line with earlier commends by Ernst Jorgensen on this matter, but now he added that BMG has the tapes in their posession.

Source:Elvis Australia
Mofoca22 wrote on March 24, 2008
maybe klein has something. i think these people running elvis at sony/bmg need to start changing things up instead of getting fat and lazy.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on March 25, 2008
georgie is the last of the hangers on, with out the name of Elvis to hang on too he'd be cleaning toilets at a rest stop in Tulsa.
japio wrote on March 25, 2008
Sony/BMG wont buy it ,because it's too much expensive,because it will never see the light of day Elvis fans won't ever give something special from those guys. I don't think it's great stuff at all But why they don't releaes it.while they have the tapes. No only the same stuff oever and over again.